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Poacher faces up to four years in jail for killing a rare Amur tigress

By The Siberian Times reporter
30 July 2020

Police detain the illegal hunter on his way to sell the pelt in Khabarovsk, Far East of Russia.

The endangered Amur tiger is the world’s largest big cat. Picture: Khabarovsk police 

A 44-year-old previously convicted man was detained with a pelt of an Amur tigress hidden in the boot of his car. 

The tigress aged approximately three to five years old was shot in May. 

The endangered Amur tiger is the world’s largest big cat. 

About 600 grown up animals - 95% of the world population - live in Primorsky Krai, Khabarovsk regions, Amur region and the Jewish Autonomous region in the Far East of Russia. 

Some Amur tigers live in China and in North Korea. 

Police detain the illegal hunter on his way to sell the pelt in Khabarovsk, Far East of Russia. Video: Khabarovsk police

‘Investigators have recorded the suspect selling the head, the pelt and the paws of the tigress.

'According to the wildlife expert, the Amur tigress was between three and five years old. Traces of gunshot wounds were found in her head and on her body’, said acting press officer of Khabarovsk police Ekaterina Tarasova. 

The hunter who comes from the Vyazemsky district of Khabarovsk region was detained.

A criminal case was started against with charges of illegal hunting and trading of Red Book animals. 

If convicted, he faces up to four years in jail.

Comments (4)

Fully agree with the comments. The world is totally overpopulated and such human scum have no place in it!

I'm speechless as to how someone can kill and mutilate such an exquisite majestic creature; this also goes for trophy hunter scum. I can only say that they have no heart, no soul and no conscience...They don't even care that perhaps the tigress had, had baby cubs, which would have also suffered a slow, torturing and painful death.

China has to cut the demand immediately for wildlife, in order to cut the supply. I assumed that the former had already done this, due to the Covid 19. What a sick world.
Anonymous, Switzerland
02/08/2020 22:30
Those who are found guilty of killing an endangered species should receive the death penalty! Perhaps this will set an example to other poachers?
Paul Gilbert, Canada
01/08/2020 11:50
and lets just hope he will get all the four years. maybe he is poor, maybe he needs the money? but i think it is rather greed that leads to that.
Benedikt Morak, Moscow
01/08/2020 10:00
Up to 4 years...should get all of it, but wish the Chinese would stop their demand for wildlife items such as this, bear paws, pangolin scales, totoaba, shark fins. These creatures are basically tortured to obtain them. Sadistic.
SteveC, Odessa FL USA
31/07/2020 02:15

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