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The moon over Baikal glittered in different way, like you are looking at sable fur

Ian Frazier, 2013

Polar bear hunts a fox hiding in a barrel

By The Siberian Times reporter
16 February 2018

Bear walks into gas facility in Arctic, proving the predators do eat land animals as well as marine creatures.

Usually polar bears feast on seals and young walruses, or scavenge the carcasses of whales. Picture: Andrey Zyubin

The shift workers in Sabetta were surprised in this video to see the bear helping itself to a polar fox hiding in an empty barrel.

Usually polar bears feast on seals and young walruses, or scavenge the carcasses of whales. 

If these are in short supply they also kill reindeer, muskox and geese.

Bear hunts fox

Bear hunts fox

Bear hunts fox

Bear hunts fox

'You missed such a sight, He caught a polar fox! He took it from the barrel.’ Pictures: Andrey Zyubin

Polar foxes are rarer - but this bear brazenly wandered into the facility in the Yuzhno-Tambeyskoye gas field on the Yamal peninsula and caught the fox, taking the snared animal away in its teeth as another bear looked on.

Other polar foxes circled but did not dare take on the bear.

In the video one oil worker is heard saying: ‘This cannot be shown to children!' 



Sabetta, Arctic port which serves Yamal LNG plant and Yuzhno-Tambeyskoye gas field. Pictures: Anatoly Ivanov

Another asked: 'Did he grab a polar fox?' 

Worker 1: 'Yes'

Worker  2: 'Wow!' 

Worker 1: 'That's it. Meat.'

Worker 2: 'You better do not mess with this bear, he loves meat.' 

Worker 1 (to colleagues just arriving): 'You missed such a sight, He caught a polar fox! He took it from the barrel.’

Comments (2)

Bullshoot. The near is a bully and destroyed this creature because he is bigger and hates foxes as fellow predator's of snowy landscape
Left Shark, Waukegan,il
12/03/2018 11:52
the bear at least does not kill for revenge or -fun- as humans do. he kills because he is hungry and wants to eat. as simple as that. it is man who is encroaching more and more into their living environment and hunting fields. and it is man who can not take care of their garbage. of course the animals are fast learners. and an open garbage can is free entry to breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Benedikt MORAK, Moscow
16/02/2018 21:38

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