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Polish man seized by Siberian police in 'car alarm scandal'

By The Siberian Times reporter
12 November 2012

An unidentified Polish man is in custody in Novosibirsk after allegedly selling electronic devices designed for hacking into car alarm codes.

Novosibirsk city centre, cars parked by 'Pobeda' cinema. Picture: The Siberian Times 

The 52 year old man, not named by policy, is accused of selling the devices for 70,000 roubles - $2,217.

Such gadgets are used to de-activate alarms, allowing theft of especially valuable elite cars.

A spokesperson for Novosibirsk Regional Prosecutors  said: 'Such devices are used by criminals aiming at expensive cars. The citizen of Poland has attempted to sell one of them for 70,000 roubles, but the buyer happened to be our policeman.'

It was not immediately clear if it was a police sting operation or a coincidence. 

'The man was detained and is now awaiting the trial'.

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