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'If you emptied Lake Baikal, it would take every river in the world flowing into it a year to fill.'
Mike Carter, The Observer, 2009

Putin stalks pike in taiga lake, and promises to 'think about' running for election in 2018

By The Siberian Times reporter
05 August 2017

The president finally spears fish during camping trip to boreal forest in mountainous Tuva Republic.

Vladimir Putin fishing in Tuva Republic. Picture: RT

Vladimir Putin was 'chasing' a giant pike for two hours before finally managing to catch it and bring it ashore in a lake in Tuva Republic, said his spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

'The president had a nice spear fishing trip. He was chasing a pike for two hours, could not shoot it, but at the end he made it,' he said. 

The fishing 'on a cascade of mountain lakes' was 'more exciting' than a  2013 trip in the same region, he said. 

Putin donned a wet suit and a mask for the adventure, but was also seen bare-chested as he sun bathed and line fished in the boreal forests of southern Siberia. 

He also took the opportunity to 'sunbathe, hike, and go quadricycling in the mountains', he said.

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin, Tuva Republic

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin, Tuva Republic
Vladimir Putin on his 2017 trip to Siberia. Pictures: RT, VESTI

Vladimir Putin He was accompanied by Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu, who hails from Tuva, along with regional head Sholban Kara-ool and the leader of neighbouring republic  Khakassia, Viktor Zimin.

Peskov said: 'This is not the first time Putin has visited this part of the country for rest and recreation, but he always has his eye on new places to visit, just like this time'.

'The climate there is harsh, strongly continental. In sunny weather, the air warms up quickly and becomes hot enough to take sun baths. 

'Towards the evening it promptly gets cold. Air temperatures may drop to just five degrees above freezing, so warm clothes have to be kept handy.'

The temperature in the lakes seldom rises above 17C, but 'it did not hold back the president from taking a swim'.

As Putin trailed the pike, he had a GoPro camera planted on his mask and 'filmed some unique footage while hunting a pike', his spokesman added. 

Vladimir Putin, Tuva Republic
A cameraman awaits Vladimir Putin's arrival to lake Baikal. Picture: Andrey Kolesnikov

Earlier on his swing across the country, and back, Putin had checked progress on gas and hydro power projects in eastern Russia. 

During a visit to Lake Baikal he took part in the ceremony of releasing tens of thousands of young omul fry to restore and maintain the bio diversity of the world's largest lake, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The fish is seen as in jeopardy in the lake. 

He berated local officials over lack of progress on a number of issues. 

Putin complained that 'significant areas around Baikal have suffered extremely high pollution'.

Baikal - which holds 20% of the world's unfrozen freshwater - 'belongs to the entire planet', he said. It was crucial to preserve it for future generations. 

Officials must pay 'special attention' to clean up the pollution caused by 'irrational and often irresponsible economic activity' around Baikal.

Vladimir Putin lake Baikal
During a visit to Lake Baikal he took part in the ceremony of releasing tens of thousands of young omul fry to restore and maintain the bio diversity of the world's largest lake. Picture: RIA NOVOSTI 

Putin also demanded a road on Olkhon Island between a ferry terminal and the island's central for use by tourists who flock here in summer. 

It was a request from the village of Khuzhir that the president received during June's Direct Line, a televised question-and-answer session with the public.

Putin instructed Irkutsk Region governor Sergei Levchenko to calculate the cost of the highway construction, noting that the road could have already been finished in the past months. 

The governor promised to do the sums by Monday.

Absence of a road has a bad impact on local wildlife. 

Vladimir Putin l

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin, Russian Minister of Defense Sergey Shoigu in Tuva. Picture: VESTI

According to the Zapovednoye Pribaikalye agency of Russia's Natural Resources Ministry, Olkhon island is visited by some 300,000 tourists every season who drive cars across the steppe and the shoreline.

Putin instructed Buryatia region's acting chief Alexei Tsydenov to look into complaints about the Emergencies Ministry's response services, as well as the issue of illegal foreign workers.

The president has not announced whether he will run for a new six year term in March 2018.

At one Siberian meeting he was told by a resident whose house was damaged by fire: 'We want to ask you to run for president again at the next election'

Putin promised 'to think about it'.

Comments (20)

I spent quite some time trying to identify the fish with stripes and red fins and eventially discovered it is indeed a Eurasian perch. However Putins fish iin some other pictures are indeed pikes.
Jennifer, Hacketts Cove, NS, Canada
27/04/2018 08:42
As important as to run for new elections is to form a competent team of successors for when he leaves.
The important thing is to have a democratic, strong and orderly political succession
Igor , São Paulo Brazil
09/08/2017 03:22
With all my heart I believe that great leaders come along at a time when they are needed most. Vladimir Putin is one such individual, and I fervently believe Donald Trump is another. The difference is, Putin is not being hamstrung by the Deep State and Trump is. In the final analysis, however, "right" not "might" will prevail. And Russia and America will join hands. Yes!
Marilyn Guinnane, Sonoma County, California
08/08/2017 03:06
If the US had "men" running the country perhaps the US would be a better place. Instead, we have "boys" who never fished or even played baseball, nor would if they had the chance.
walt, USA
07/08/2017 20:40
Nice PR piece for Putin.
Contrast with Obama who plays on golf courses which Trump builds and plays on. With some exceptions golf courses are slathered with toxic pesticides and other chemicals which run of into rivers, lakes and ground water. The late great George Carlin had a thing or 10 to say about golf courses:
Mπιορνο Κρητικος, Κρήτη
07/08/2017 16:34
Mr. Putin, You are an excellent example for all the leaders of the world. Apart from the hard job you are doing for your country and for the peace in the world, You have enough time to enjoy your time in the amazing places of your country. God bless you because you are the only one with too much honor fighting against the terrorism in the middle east mean while all the Arab leaders support the terrorism ( except president Bashar of Syria and president Oun of Lebanon ). Viva Russia,Viva Mr. Putin.
Dr.wael, Amman - Jordan
07/08/2017 15:52
Tuva is a wonderful region in Russia with unspoiled Wildlife . Good new to take care of the lake Baikal, a jewel. Siberia seem to have a hight potential to developp éco-tourism, a responsible éco-tourisme
Jocelyne, FRANCE
06/08/2017 19:17
What a big man. He vacations while his minions round up peaceful members of Christian religions and jail them. He's made the pursuit of any religion except the ROC a crime in Russia. One man, Denis Christensen, a Danish citizen is imprisoned in Russia for practicing his religion. He is unwell, his Bible was confiscated and his wife is not allowed to see him. Other Russian citizens have had their homes burned by hooligans who have gone berserk after the passing of the law that declares peaceful Christians to be extremists and terrorists. Children of these Christians have been harrassed at school. Shame on Putin and his cohorts!
Rivkah, Anywhere USA
06/08/2017 14:06
Looks like French River area and Algonquin Park in Ontario. Tht Lake looks like Meech Lake in Gatineau Park Near Ottawa. Justin Trudeau would be right at home in Tuva. Looks like a great place for cottages and fly-in fishing. Russia's version of the Canadian Muskokas.
Gordon Jenkins, Gatineau, QC, Canada
06/08/2017 12:37
I love that the president chose Siberia for his vacation. It's a good place to renew health and energy.
Olga, Novosibirsk, Russia
06/08/2017 09:34
Macho man! Loves to show his body! The Russian Rambo!
W J Dominik, Brazil
06/08/2017 07:02
Wow, Putin would kick trumps ass. He looks like Fedor Emelianenko. So much for just having the leaders duke it out to see who wins, instead of going to war.
eric thomas, Texas
06/08/2017 06:51
Now, now, that is a perch, not a pike.
George Conway, Redding, Cal. USA
06/08/2017 05:22
President Putin looks far healthier than US President Donald Trump. As the saying goes, "Putin trump's Trump!"
Desirée Abraham, United States of America
06/08/2017 02:38
I have been to Russia 4 times and look forward to going again, beautiful and safe country/people/ culture.
Enjoy your vacation Mr Putin, you have the respect of people all over the world.
R. Shaw, Ledyard/USA
06/08/2017 01:04

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