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'The beauty of Siberia took me by surprise'
Ian Frazier, 2013

Rainbow clouds crown Belukha mountain, Siberia's highest peak

By The Siberian Times reporter
23 December 2019

Local photographer Svetlana Kazina caught rare natural phenomenon on camera.

The clouds in my photos are so thin that they look more like lace. Svetlana Kazina 

Svetlana Kazina, who lives in the Altai Mountains, snapped these breathtaking pictures of the glowing sky over Belukha mountain, Siberia's highest peak (4,506 metres/14,783ft).

The images show thin clouds resembling soap bubbles in colours.

Iridescent clouds, also known as rainbow clouds, occur when sunlight scatters through water droplets in the atmosphere. 

rainbow clouds crown Belukha mountain, Siberia's highest peak

rainbow clouds crown Belukha mountain, Siberia's highest peak

rainbow clouds crown Belukha mountain, Siberia's highest peak

rainbow clouds crown Belukha mountain, Siberia's highest peak
Altai mountains blow bubbles. Pictures: Svetlana Kazina 

'I pictured this beauty over Siberia's highest peak, Belukha, early in the morning', said Svetlana.

'Rainbow clouds are a rare optical phenomenon when thin clouds close to the Sun change to spectral colours.

‘The clouds in my photos are so thin that they look more like lace.

'The wind at this height was so strong that the cloud 'lace' changed every second.’

The Altai Mountains in southern Siberia include some of Russia’s most stunning scenery, a haven for travellers who want to escape from the modern world.

Comments (11)

I absolutely love these photos, I'd love to have posters of images like these in my home, it's unique like something you never see everyday. I very much like the first one in my living room I hope in the future you patent thiese and make a lot of money from them for Companies like Amazo, Etsyn etc... Thank you Svetlana Kazina for taking these wonderful images.
Alan-Michael Perkins, Covington , USA
28/01/2020 09:37
Phénomène rare qui est vraiment magnifique!
Noémi Roland, Belgique
21/01/2020 15:47
Fantastic capture. I am a cloud lover. Always I look at sky and watch the clouds how they change their position, their colour. I have some beautiful shots of cloud. One of my friend shared your photo on Facebook. I shared it on my time line.

Fascinating. Just we are speechless. Thank you so much. Always take shots and entertain us. Best wishes
Sharmina Banu, Toronto. Canada
08/01/2020 07:31
To Karl-Heinz and donna

these might be polar mesospheric clouds.
姚剑申, 巨鹿/中国
06/01/2020 15:23
The White Rabbit is gone when memory was taken by mask man. Been a while but we will come ,time is need time, miss my brother,love from bellow to the above for all too see .need to stay safe from the world. The could of
Sparklies is a wonder and a site to see .from my heart to yours .thank you
amethyst, U.s.a
31/12/2019 01:46
HAARP, geoengineering. It's "rare" b/c it's a new HUMAN phenomenon.
donna, USA
29/12/2019 03:55
These Clouds are NOT natural! These Clods are Man-made and called Chemtrails. Regards
Karl-Heinz , Schweiz
27/12/2019 23:05
Delighted such Beautiful Rainbow of Colors the most Sparkling and Beautiful

Camera Picture very well done Thank you..Happy Hoilday.New Year
Dania Caggiano, Pompano Beach. Fl USA
24/12/2019 17:13
Unbelievable diversity of natural phenomenon in Russia!
Filip, Poland
24/12/2019 02:13
Great pics, thank you. Just said to my daughter, I really want to go and see Siberia, incredible. Wonderful country. And a very nice "newspaper". Thank you ST, not for the first time :-)
Tom Scheidl, Seeboden, Austria
23/12/2019 23:23
姚剑申, 巨鹿/中国
23/12/2019 19:27

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