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Scandal deepens over dog frozen alive after she was drenched with water in minus 32C

By The Siberian Times reporter
30 November 2017

Moscow politician wins promise to investigate why no action was taken by police against cruel owner.

'The key question is still: in what circumstances did the animal die, and who will take responsibility for its death?' Picture: Vkontakte

The agonising death of a one year old dog encased in ice and frozen to the floor of its outside kennel caused shock around the world after our story this week.

A heartrending video shows the female white dog, eyes still open and frightened, pathetically waving its paw pleading for release. 

Animal activists finally freed the white dog, but she had been tortured too much to live after the horrific ordeal. A vet gave her an injection to put her out of her misery. 

Now a deputy in the Russian federal parliament has claimed police took no action against the owner - a man who has not been named yet. 

Dog in the kennel

Dog in the kennel

Dog in the kennel

'It stuck to the ground. The kennel was without the floor. It was dying in a painful way.' Pictures: Vkontakte

Politician Vladimir Burmatov demanded an investigation, saying they have 'serious questions' to answer over the 'wild, ugly and barbaric' case, and prosecution of the owner. 

'An owner poured water over his dog and left it to freeze in the kennel,' he said. 'It stuck to the ground. The kennel was without the floor. It was dying in a painful way. 

'Yakutsk police actually refused to respond, although they had  the legal grounds and the claims of animal activists.'

There are 'serious questions' over the work of Yakutsk police and the 'legality and validity' of their failure to open a criminal case against the owner, he said. 

Vladimir Burmatov

Politician Vladimir Burmatov demanded an investigation. Picture: Vladimir Burmatov 

'We will seek to bring to justice all who are guilty,' he said.

He has now won a promise from the head of the Interior Ministry in Yakutia, Vladimir Prokopenko, to investigate why his officers took no action. 

Burmatov, chairman of the ecology and environmental protection committee,  is also demanding action from the Siberian republic's prosecutor-general Nikolay Pilipchuk.

'The key question is still: in what circumstances did the animal die, and who will take responsibility for its death?

'The minister of Internals of Yakutia agreed with my proposal to re-check what had happened and to assess the actions of the police who conducted the investigation.'

House where the owner lives

Street view showing the house where lives the dog's owner. Picture: Google Maps

Police said the owner claimed the dog was suffering from 'canine distemper', but did not explain how this led to the treatment the pet received of being frozen to death encased in ice. 

But the politician, from United Russian Party, praised the animal activists for highlighting the case, and promised: 'Together we will win.'

A female volunteer said: 'The eyes, I will never forget them. Did you ever see a man who wanted to live but who was already dying? 

'The dog had exactly the same eyes, understanding everything, just unable to explain.'

The activists have demanded action against the owner, with a petition signed by more than 20,000 Russians.

'It's one thing is when your dog dies, but this man has many children,' said a volunteer. 'Today he let his dog die next to his house, and tomorrow the same may happen to his children.'

Comments (10)

Russian police being useless again? What a shock. That's why all this domestic violence, child abuse and animal torture flourishes in provincial Russia.
sara, banana republic
29/09/2021 18:14
I am beyond horrified that a person could take their own pet outside and knowingly pour water over the dog as it lay helpless freezing to the ground. I am beyond words, American, Russian, Indian, Japanese, it doesn't matter where you are from this is disgusting...

I only pray God give this animal a place in heaven, may the person that did this boil in a river flaming shit for eternity!
Marc, USA
30/01/2018 03:27
it was done by the Nazis in the death camps, but this time i would have no regrets to do it myself. let the scum sand naked outside and i will pour cold water over him. and i am sure there will be plenty people around to give me a helping hand.
Benedikt MORAK, Moscow
05/12/2017 17:13
Пусть нелюдь ответит по закону! Закон в нашей стране есть: 245 статья. Которую 17 лет не хотят ужесточать. Наше правительство и депутаты доведут людей до того, что с нелюдями скоро расправляться будут люди. У нас месяц назад жестоко отравили собачек: маму Мамбочку, сыночка Персика и ещё одного щенка Мишельку. Полиция до сих пор не не хочет разбираться даже по вызову. Видимо самой придётся отомстить этим нелюдям. Меня уже довели...
Людмила , Россия
05/12/2017 08:53
I stand with the animal activist, read what happened to that poor soul made me cry so much. I can not even watch the video. The man who did this cruel act must pay.
Janice Garcia, United States
04/12/2017 04:01
Despicable what this man did. Animals are living beings just like the rest of us and deserve to be treated with at least basic dignity and respect. I read stories of abuse and mistreatment not only in my country but all over the world unfortunately. Hopefully the man responsible for the horrible treatment of this dog will be brought to justice thanks to people like the ones who tried to come to it's rescue and Politician Vladimir Burmatov. Hopefully it will serve as a deterrent.
Alan Charles, New York USA
03/12/2017 07:33
People of Russia and Sibria I urge you to do something about this! find him! and punish him!
Christian, Copenhagen Denmark
02/12/2017 18:23
You need to act on this!
Kriss, 2400
02/12/2017 18:16
"The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated". - Mahatma Gandhi

Russia must set an example that such a sick, cruel act will not go unpunished. Any human who would do such a thing to a defenceless animal is a threat to his wife, his children, his neighbours, and society as a whole.
Paul Gilbert, Canada
01/12/2017 15:50
I made a comment on the original report so will not repeat it here but here I will say, Thank you again to everyone who took action, everyone who has commented and everyone who is taking continued action to seek accountability and justice.
Pamela Tetarenko, League City, United States
01/12/2017 05:28

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