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Siberia marks the tenth anniversary of the carnage of the Beslan school siege

By Svetlana Skarbo
01 September 2014

Events highlight the scourge of terrorism and the unity of Russians in the face of the cruel attack on children and parents.

5 September 2004, school number one, Beslan. Picture: The Siberian Times 

The siege when terrorists overran School Number One in Beslan as students celebrated the first day of term led to the deaths of 334, including 186 children. A decade on, Siberians are joining the rest of Russia in marking this shattering terrorist crime in the south of the country. 

In Omsk students of all years will have lessons on safety and security precautions. On 3 September, teachers and students will devote a lesson to the memory of the Beslan victims. On the same day on Komsomolskaya Square in Khabarovsk a memory action 'Light a candle in your heart' will be dedicated to the tenth anniversary of the school siege. 

In Irkutsk, the documentary 'Beslan. City of Angels' will be screened. In the Church of the Savior, as in other holy places across many time zones, there will be a prayer service for the victims, with 334 candles lit in memory of those who lost their life. 

Ten years ago some of the journalists working for The Siberian Times were reporting from Beslan in the immediate aftermath of this tragedy. We too bow our heads to the families who lost their loved ones due to this despicable act of terror, and pray for the survivors, many of whom still bear the scars of this horrific event. They are an example to us all in overcoming adversity the like of which no-one should have to face. 

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Although it has been 10 years, in my mind and heart it was like yesterday; I still feel the horror of heartless acts of the terrorists against the most innocent of humanity. It was so senseless and cruel that there are no answers to be found. I pray that time will take the keen edge off of such losses. The world lost the genius of all those young minds and the love so many young hearts had to give.
Ronald McKenzie, Lincoln Nebraska USA
09/09/2014 14:16
So the families of this horrible day of terrorism have to go to the European Court of Human Rights to get justice because Russia couldn't/wouldn't give it to them. I wonder why that is the case, Vladimir? Something to hide?

To all the victims, RIP. To all the families, my condolences.
Jaker, Dundalk
03/09/2014 01:28

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