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Siberian cinemas fined for screening new Leonardo DiCaprio movie

By The Siberian Times reporter
05 April 2014

Judge says The Wolf of Wall Street illegally advertises illicit drugs.

'The film depicts a New York stockbroker and his life of greed and corruption in the 1980s. Picture: The Wolf of Wall Street official trailerr

A Novosibirsk judge Yelena Fyodorova imposed an 800,000 rouble fine ($16,400) on a cinema chain for showing the Martin Scorsese film starring DiCaprio.

The case against the movie distributors began in February 2014 by the Russian Federal Drug Control Service. 

Experts from Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Physiology and Fundamental Medicine concluded that drugs are idealised in the movie, and that a drug usage line continues intensively throughout the film.

The film distributors argued that The Wolf of Wall Street had been approved for screening in Russia by the country's Ministry of Culture. 

The movie has been screened elsewhere in Russia without legal problems. 

The judge said her ruling - which can be extended to other cinemas - maybe appealed to a higher court, a move that is now expected. 

The film depicts a New York stockbroker and his life of greed and corruption in the 1980s. 

Comments (2)

just ridiculous. it's just a movie. from my experience, people here start doing drugs because their whole town does it... not because of movies.
Alina, Siberia
08/04/2014 14:33
a bit over the top, to put it mild, no?
Trevor , UK
07/04/2014 11:49

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