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'The greatest rail adventure in the world, the Trans-Siberian train journey'
Bryn Thomas

Siberians push their bus back on two wheels after bizarre accident on ice-bound road

By The Siberian Times reporter
02 March 2013

The video of the incident is proving a hit on the web with jokes that Siberians are so strong they don't mind lifting their own buses to keep them going.

'Come on! We need to keep going' - bus passengers in Prokopyevsk, Siberia are determined to bring the bus back on track. Picture: The Siberian Times 

It was the moment push came to shove to make sure the bus kept on four wheels and stuck to its timetable. On a narrow road, with icy tracks causing a steep incline, the bus had lurched over onto two wheels, resting on a passing truck.

Without this lorry, the bus would have fallen on its side.

Undaunted, the passengers piled out of the bus en masse to lean on its side and push it back on four wheels. 

pushing the bus up Kemerovo Siberia

'... and one more time!' As the eye witness said, 'none of the passengers were injured, and both the bus and the lorry were not damaged either'. Picture: The Siberian Times 

'This is anyway quite a narrow part of the road which got even worse because of the strong snow that fell overnight,' said eyewitness Tatyana Koshkina, in the coal city of Prokopyevsk, Kemerovo region.

'But the passengers were great: they left the bus and started pushing it up without a single complaint.

'In the end, they managed to push it back onto four wheels, so that the lorry could go on.'

The bus, too, made its way without too much delay.  

'None of the passengers were injured, and both the bus and the lorry were not damaged either'. 

Comments (2)

Seen it all now.....a bus running on 2 wheels.
Rich from Texas,
04/03/2013 00:32
hah you'll never see it in UK... elf and safety you know. good to see there is a bit of common sense left elsewhere in the world
Peter, OXON
03/03/2013 12:45

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