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'The possession of Siberia's natural wealth has become vital in determining Russia’s position in the world'
W.Bruce Lincoln

Siberians to conquer the roof of Europe with climb of Mount Elbrus in the Caucasus

By Kate Baklitskaya
28 April 2013

The flag they plant on top of the mountain will display all those supporting the project.

The climb is part of the 'I'm Siberian' project aiming to show the world there is more to Siberia than lots of trees, plenty of gas, and vast quantities of oil. Picture: 'I'm Siberian' 

Five professional climbers aim to reach the 5642 metre peak in a conquest, with another 693 Siberians with them in spirit at the highest point on the European continent. 

The climb is part of the 'I'm Siberian' project aiming to show the world there is more to Siberia than lots of trees, plenty of gas, and vast quantities of oil.

Climbers Ivan Zazdravnyh, Mikhail Borisov, Vladimir Pisarenko,  Evgeny Zenovich and Konstantin Kuznetsov will conquer Elbrus on the northern face, described as a 'complex and dangerous route'. 

'The number of successful climbs is only 2% of the total number of attempts. Our team consists of the professional climbers, as well as the ordinary Siberians who got their place on the flag, that will be put on the top of Elbrus,' said a spokesman.

'This year we are celebrating a 70th anniversary of the winter ascent of Elbrus in 1943, which was done by the Russian military climbers to pull down the German standard from the top of Elbrus,' said one of the organisers, Alex Surovets. 

'This ascent became a symbol of liberation of Caucasus from the fascism and was a significant milestone in the World War II.

'We know that Siberians have a special character. They are persistent, brave and ambitious. 

'This project from 'I'm Siberian' is a new adventure meant to show the true Siberian spirit in the harsh conditions of Elbrus.

'Hundreds of Siberians united with the idea to have the chance to reach the highest point of Europe'.

The I'm Siberian project is the brainchild of a group of young designers from Novokuznetsk who want to change the global understanding of Siberia. 

'We are sure Siberia has a lot more to offer than traditional natural resources. It has all the potential to become trendy, open and global'.

Comments (5)

like from Germany ))
Ute, Germany
29/04/2013 01:06
go on Siberians!
Natalia, Moscow now, but born in Siberia
28/04/2013 16:44
Good luck!!!
Sergey, Krasnoyarsk
28/04/2013 13:58
like the front page picture with the climbing bear)))
May, China
28/04/2013 11:51
great idea; there should be more people on the flat thou' by the looks of it?
Tadd , Australia
28/04/2013 08:19

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