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'Siberia talking... to the world'
The Siberian Times

Siberia's new ambassador to Japan is a cat called Mir, a gift from Russian president Vladimir Putin

By The Siberian Times reporter
05 February 2013

The magnificent male Siberian cat is 11 months old and has just completed five months quarantine at Narita international airport.

'Mir is a very beautiful cat. He is marvelous. He's a real presidential cat', said Mr. Satake's spokesman. Picture: @pref_akita  

The cat's name means 'Peace' in Russian. The new owner is Norihisa Satake, governor of Japan's Akita prefecture, a well-known cat lover who already has seven cats in his official mansion. 

Earlier, the governor had presented Putin with an Akita Inu puppy named Yume - or Dream - as a thank you for assistance Russia provided after the devastating 2011 earthquake and tsunami which hit Japan.

'We need peace to make dreams come true,' said Satake.

'Mir is a very beautiful cat. He is marvelous. He's a real presidential cat', said his spokesman.

Comments (3)

Lovely gestures like the exchanges of dog and cat are good People who care about animals are well thought of by others Helping to see each other as kind hearted people not bad!
Patricia Gothard, Laguna Woods, CA USA
10/11/2017 20:47
@Jolanta, maybe Vladimir Putin can send one to your friend as well?)
Kate, Russia
06/02/2013 15:53
yay how cute and fluffy! wonder where to get the kitten like this, a friend of mine is obsessed with cats
Jolanta , Latvia
06/02/2013 14:21

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