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'In Buryar language Baikal is called Baigal-nuur'
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Storms lash western Siberia, as a statue is rolled over in Omsk

By The Siberian Times reporter
27 April 2014

A girl dies after a bus stop crashes on her in extreme gales.

A seven metre tall ball-shaped monument in Omsk lost its moorings. Picture:

Officials in Omsk imposed a state of emergency in the region because of the 25 metres a second wind. A seven metre tall ball-shaped monument in Omsk lost its moorings, as 800 people were called in to help counter the consequences of the storm. 

One fatality was reported after a girl died when the bus stop shelter was uprooted by the wind, killing her. 

Extreme weather was reported elsewhere around Urals and Siberia. 

Meteorologists reported the same rainfall in two days as normally occurs in two months in the Urals.

In Tyumen - close to Omsk - motorways were blocked because of heavy snow. 

Houses and blocks of flats lost electricity because of the strong wind and snow, with some 50,000 people hit. 

Parts of Altai region in southern Siberia suffered from dust storms, with wind gushes reaching 30 metres a second,.

Heavy winds were reported in Omsk, Tomsk, Kemerovo and Novosibirsk regions, along with wet snow. 

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