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Ten die in Antonov-28 crash in Kamchatka

By The Siberian Times reporter
12 September 2012

Desperate attempts are being made to save a 13 year old boy whose condition is described 'grave'.

An Antonov 28 aircraft - one of only seven in Russia which still have a permit to fly

Four people miraculously survived an air crash in Kamchatka, in the extreme east of Russia. Earlier a four year old girl called Maria - alive when rescuers arrived at the site - tragically died. 

The Soviet-designed propeller plane was flying from regional capital of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to the remote outpost of Palana when it came down around six kilometres short of its destination. 

There were 14 people on board including two children and two crew. 

Nine people were found dead at the site among dwarf pine trees. The toll rose to ten with Maria's death. Four people - two women, a man and the 13 year old boy - were taken to hospital with injuries. 

It is believed the two crew members both died. The survivors were taken by helicopter to Palana hospital.

There was serious concern over the condition of the boy last night. His injuries were worse than the three adult survivors. 

'The An-28 plane was flying in the poor visibility conditions. It fell in a remote area on dwarf pine,' said a source.

'It is not ruled out that the plane's crew tried to make an emergency landing, but the plane fell to the side and collapsed. There was no fire.'

Early versions of the likely cause concentrated on poor weather - there were heavy storm clouds - and  possible engine malfunction. 

Air traffic control lost touch with the plane at 12.28 local time. 

Wreckage from the plane, flown by Petropavlovsko-Kamchatskaya airline, was scattered across the wooded territory, said Interfax. Other versions said the plan came down 10km from Palana airport.

Comments (2)

There was an order to stop flying AN-28 after the crash. Not that it'll bring the crew and the passengers back
Olga, St pete Russia
13/09/2012 16:26
how many more crashes till it gets to Russia that its to start training their pilots better, and renew the air fleet?
Tom J., Panama
12/09/2012 17:55

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