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'What happens in Sibera stays in Siberia...unless it is covered by The Siberian Times'

Time to give up smoking? A man fell out of an unlocked door on a Siberian train

By The Siberian Times reporter
18 January 2013

He landed onto the track in minus 40C wearing only a T-shirt, shorts and slippers. He had left his compartment to go for a cigarette.

Up for a 7 km maraphon at -40C anyone? Picture: The Siberian Times 

The shock may make him stop smoking forever - because he then opened the wrong door and fell out of the moving train. He ran after the train, watching it disappear into the distance, said Transport Police. 

Running for his life, he made it seven kilometres to the nearest station in a remote district of Amur region in the Russian Far East.

Here at Richard Sorge Station, named after a German who spied for the USSR in the Second World War, he  was given first aid and clothes by the station manager. The man, aged 42, was not named. He came from Bratsk to Neryungri, a coal mining town in the south of the Sakha Republic, also known as Yakutia. 

The train had come from Moscow.

An investigation was underway as to why the door was  unlocked. 

The man is extremely lucky to be alive due to the fierce cold.

The distance between stations in Siberia would often be much greater and without proper protection his chances of survival would be minimal.

Comments (6)

Russia has to hire him as a head of Sochi Winter Olympics!
Dinara, France
18/01/2013 18:58
Kind of depends on what he was smoking...
Philip, UK
18/01/2013 18:50
how on earth could he walk, leaving aside run, after falling out of the train...? and undressed at -40, it just doesn't sum up
Bella, UK
18/01/2013 19:05
As I said it depends on what he was smoking and how 'high' he was at the time... I've heard that Siberian weed can be pretty powerful stuff...! Mixed with enough vodka... He was probably 'flying' not running...!!!
Philip, UK
19/01/2013 16:19
Even Siberians are strongly surprised!
Anna, Novosibirsk
18/01/2013 19:30
Philip, it goes better with beer or wine. Vodka reduces the effect
Ksusha, Omsk
20/01/2013 11:27

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