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'The few descriptions of Irkutsk had spoken of it as the Paris of Siberia'
Mrs John Clarence Lee, 1914

Two miners killed, four injured early Sunday in a mining tragedy in the Sakha Republic

By The Siberian Times reporter
26 August 2012

An accident involved 17 miners some 365 metres beneath the surface at Alrosa's Udachninskiy ore-dressing plant 14 km south of the Arctic Circle.

Udachninskiy opencast mine, one of world's biggest in diamond excavation. Picture: Alrosa 

A dozen miners escaped, of whom four needed hospital treatment. Five could not flee the scene of the accident and a rescue operation two of them dead, and the other three in a 'satisfactory' condition.

Of those who escaped by their own efforts four needed hospital treatment in the town of Udachniy. One of them is in a 'grave' condition, the others suffered no major injury.

'The state of the three evacuated miners is satisfactory, and they do not require medical care,' said a source. 

The horror came early on 26 August which is Miners' Day in Russia.

miners at work

Udachniy, town by the Polar circle

Miners at work, and, below, aerial view of Udachniy - town by the Arctic Circle. Pictures: Alrosa 

Causes are still being investigated. It is believed the accident came in a mine still under constructiion.

Udachninskiy ore-dressing plant is part of Alrosa's operations in the Sakha Republic, also known as Yakutia. Along with semi-precious and precious gems, like diamonds, it excavates pumice, quartz, asbestos and isinglass stone. 

Some 24 rescuers were involved in pulling the miners to safety. 

The accident happened 1,370 km from Yakutsk, and 550 km away from the town of Mirniy.

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there must be a better way to protect miners risking their lives inside those mines. its becoming like a weather report 'ah its raining here' and 'ah and also several miners killed in the accident there'
Jess, Singapore
27/08/2012 22:16

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