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'Gennadii Iudin, the Krasnoyarsk distiller made millions in the liquor trade and built Siberia's greatest private library'
W.Bruce Lincoln

Vladimir Putin takes day off in remote Siberia to mark his 62nd birthday

By The Siberian Times reporter
07 October 2014

The Russian president escapes on away-from-it-all break miles from anywhere.

Vladimir Putin pictured during his trip to Vostochniy cosmodrome, April 2013. Picture:

His love of Siberia is well known, and Vladimir Putin has already visited more than any other Russian leader in history - so his choice for where to spend his birthday on 7 October is perhaps no surprise. 

'He is flying to Siberia, to the Siberian taiga,' announced his spokesman Dmitry Peskov late Monday evening. 'It is a location some 300-400 kilometres away from the nearest village.'

His venue remained a secret yesterday, but later in the week his is due in Novosibirsk to officially open one of the world's most spectacular new bridges, the third crossing in the city of the Ob River. The Olovozavodskoy Bridge - some 2,095 metres in length and for use by motor traffic - is the latest symbol of Siberia's strategic importance as Russia looks to connect with Asian markets. 

Comments (4)

I do, happy birthday Mr Putin,and many more.
L V., U.S.A.
08/10/2016 20:50
I wonder if he will go to visit Agafia Lykova in the taiga? Maybe he can go help her chop wood lol
Kristina, Arizona USA
09/10/2014 02:32
Jojnjo, Dublin: Not to worry, there are literally thousands who wish him a very happy and blessed birthday, of which my large extended family both in Russia and Ukraine and my family here wish him the very best.

May God bless him.

Valentyna Illyvna
Valentyna, Perth, Scotland
08/10/2014 12:51
Dear Vladimir, do you mind if I don't wish you a "Happy Birthday"? Thank you!
jojnjo, Dublin
08/10/2014 02:24

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