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Werewolf maniac Mikhail Popkov sentenced for life

By The Siberian Times
10 December 2018

Russia’s worst-ever serial killer convicted today for raping and murdering 56 more women.

The second trial of the former policeman finished earlier today at the Irkutsk regional court, south-east of Siberia. 

Mikhail Popkov, 54, was also deprived of his Police Junior Lieutenant rank and state pension. 

Today’s conviction means that the former policeman is guilty in killing at least 78 women. 

Werewolf maniac Mikhail Popkov sentenced for life

Werewolf maniac Mikhail Popkov sentenced for life

Werewolf maniac Mikhail Popkov sentenced for life

In 2015 Popkov was sentenced for life for killing and raping 22 women; soon after the first verdict the new investigation started on 56 more episodes of rape and homicide. 

Popkov’s victims were aged between eighteen and fifty. 

'He said he ‘sentenced them to death’ as soon as they agreed to share a drink with him’, state prosecutor Alexander Shkinyov said today after the sentence was read. 

Mikhail Popkov gives evidences about his first crimes. 

‘He forgave three women because they didn’t agree to drink with them. He escorted these women home and even helped some of them to carry their bags. He clearly loved killing. Some victims had 145, or even 170 knife wounds.’

Popkov who was dubbed ‘werewolf’ for his ability to continue working at police as he was raping and murdering his victims claimed his aim was to ‘clean streets of Siberian cities of immoral women.’

Werewolf maniac Mikhail Popkov sentenced for life

Werewolf maniac Mikhail Popkov sentenced for life

Werewolf maniac Mikhail Popkov sentenced for life

He was furious and upset today as he heard that his police rank and state pensions were striped off, and aimed to appeal it. His pension was 24,000 roubles a month. The Siberian Times

Since the first sentence Popkov has been waiting for the end of the trial in local detention centre. 

His next stop is going to be a solitary confinement in either The Polar Own, or the Harp jail for life prisoners. 

Comments (5)

It is abomiinable what he has done make no mistake and he has to incarcerated. But. he can be forgiven if he repents, the chaplet of the divine mercy prayer will enable the convict to help his tortured mind and seek forgiveness for what he did.
Rodney Clark, United Kingdom
06/08/2020 09:34
Sentenced to die in solitary confinement in an Arctic Russian penal colony. Good Result
Neil, UK
25/12/2018 02:24
These murders deserve the death penalty. But it's not available now in Russia, it seems. So the Russia tax payers get punished by having to feed and house this killer.
Miles Archer , United States
15/12/2018 20:27
Yes, that a person behaving in this way remains lucid & coherent enough to continue functioning as a police office, and elsewhere in his life, tells us clearly that he will benefit from the deterrent message of the death penalty applied to other criminals who have crossed such a line. He thinks competently enough; and he will think twice, knowing we'll snuff him for-sure, when caught. Not 100%, but enough to save a lot of people.

We like to think that we never have to kill, but the victims pay much too high a price for us to be comfortable patting ourselves on the back.
Ted Clayton, Forks, WA USA
11/12/2018 22:32
in cases like this, I am sorry there is no more death sentence. it will not bring the victims back. but will save the taxpayer lots of money to feed that s..m 3x a day, house him and cloth him. and it will give the relatives, fathers, mothers, wives, and children of the victims maybe some satisfaction that he also has paid with his life.
MORAK Benedikjt, Moscow
10/12/2018 17:12

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