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The moon over Baikal glittered in different way, like you are looking at sable fur

Ian Frazier, 2013

Whose horn is it? Ancient Siberian buffalo or mysterious unknown creature?

By The Siberian Times reporter
14 March 2013

Surely not a unicorn but scientists are as yet unsure about the owner of this intriguing horn fragment which is perhaps 18,000 years old.

Whose horn is it? Ancient Siberian buffalo or mysterious unknown creature? Picture: Altai Republic Agency for Cultural and Historic Heritage 

It was found a few days ago by building workers in a sand and gravel pit in the Maima district of the  Altai Republic in southern Siberia. 

'Our specialists believe the horn may have belonged to an animal killed by a huge flood about 18,000 years ago,' said Vasiliy Oynoshev, director of the Altai Republic Agency for Cultural and Historic Heritage.

'Then as a result of the shifting of tectonic plates a 120 km long lake in the Chuya Steppe overflowed its banks - and caused the biggest known flood in history, with the water moving with the speed of 160 km per hour covering the Earth with the mass of water 490 meters deep.'

A detailed analysis is underway by the agency's experts to seek to establish the horn's origins after which the relic will be put on display at a museum, say officials.

Close to the same site, mammoth tusks were found at a depth of ten metres in autumn 2012.

Comments (1)

looks like a rhino to me... were there rhinos that deep in Siberia?
Ted, Panama
17/03/2013 22:31

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