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Zoo manager suspended after third giraffe death at Siberian zoo

By The Siberian Times reporter
16 October 2012

A probe has been ordered by the Krasnoyarsk mayor into the death of another giraffe at the city's zoo, one of the largest in Russia.

Giraffes were an instant hit with the visitors of Krasnoyarsk Zoo Royev Ruchei, pictured here. Picture: 

'A third giraffe, Zabava, died on Sunday. Mayor Edkham Akbulatov has ordered a special commission to be set up to find out why they died', said a spokesman. 

'The zoo manager has been suspended while this process is taking place'.

The first giraffe died on 26 September, reportedly from organ failure. The second succumbed to stress, it was said. 

This was reported in international newspapers as death from a broken heart. 

At the time, zoo director Nikolai Kulakov insisted the giraffes - in a group of six imported from South Africa in 2007 - were well kept. 

The tragic deaths were said to be a coincidence. 

But the third death is causing alarm and an official investigation has been tasked with explaining the deaths. 

The giraffes were 'an instant hit with the public in Krasnoyarsk', reported RIA Novosti. 

The zoo declined to comment on the giraffe deaths.

Comments (2)

Poor creatures! how sad=(
Sonya, Russia
16/10/2012 18:57
they should have done it sooner.
Tim, born New Zealand, now in Russia
16/10/2012 14:21

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