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Siberian scientists create anti-cancer vaccine 'which significantly prolongs life'

By The Siberian Times reporter
05 November 2013

Now only $310,000 is needed to develop it BUT researchers cannot raise the funds.

'The vaccine is ready to be used. It will not be expensive when it goes on sale'.  Pictured: prof. Vladimir Kozlov, courtesy Novosibirsk Institute of Clinical Immunology

The vaccine has passed initial clinical tests and can 'counteract' breast, bowel and prostate cancer, say experts. Yet there have been warnings that the pioneering work can be halted because the scientists have been unable to secure $310,000 funding for their crucial development work.

The cancer vaccine breakthrough came from the Institute of Clinical Immunology in Novosibirsk, part of the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. 'Currently, it is being given to patients by infusion at the third and fourth stages of cancer and is reported as having increased patient life span more than twofold,' said a report by Itar-Tass news agency.

'We are deriving dendritic cells from the human body and loading them with tumour antigens,' said Professor Vladimir Kozlov, the institute's director. 'Dendritic cells process them, then we inject the cells into the patient - and they start working in the body evoking a strong immune response. That is, they are actively fighting the tumour'.

The development 'is not a classical vaccine, which is the means to prevent the illness', he said, stressing: 'In fact, it is cell therapy.'

He said the institute was ready to go into production with the vaccine but 'Argument i Fakti' quoted him saying: 'The vaccine is ready to be used; right now the project is only held up by a lack of money and a good cell technology law which we are waiting for five years'. 

The new vaccine 'is aimed to help people with bowel, prostate and breast cancer, but it is possible to carry treatments with it to cure other types of cancer, too.' It will not be expensive when it goes on sale, Kozlov said. 'We are searching for money. We'd need at least ten million roubles for it. We can't yet get financing to develop a method of cells multiplying'.

Professor Vladimir Kozlov

The cancer vaccine breakthrough came from the Institute of Clinical Immunology in Novosibirsk, part of the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. Pictured: prof. Vladimir Kozlov, courtesy Novosibirsk Institute of Clinical Immunology

A report by Moscow-based Business FM radio and news website reported: 'Ten million roubles...? It is a small amount, to put it mildly; it is the cost of a two room flat on the outskirts of Moscow - yet the possible result can be saving millions of lives. We know that the Russian medical academy is a conservative body and it is hard to get go-aheads on projects, but there are private business, venture investors. Even if to leave aside the matter of saved lives, there is a possibility of gigantic profits if the medication proves to be success'.

Russian scientist Sergey Savelyev expressed his surprise at his Novosibirsk colleagues struggling to find money. 

'Any businessman would give ten million roubles ($310,000), because if it is a real medication that works then one can strike a deal on getting 1% of sales - and make a fortune. Any businessman would throw ten million into it because this is peanuts. I can tell you for sure that there should not be such a problem, so colleagues can ask any Western fund if ours refuse to pay.'

Professor Kozlov stressed that 'one should not seek a panacea for malign tumours as they cannot be overcome with only one tool. 'Along with dendritic cells, there are other cells that fight cancer so all means are to be applied in unison. An immunomodulating cocktail is needed for a far-reaching effect'. 

Other treatments should be used, too, he said, such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy. 'Treatment should vary case by case, he said, adding that the institute was already developing preventive vaccines against other illnesses, atherosclerosis among them, and that they would be presented soon,' reported Itar-Tass.

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Academic Kozlov, my scientific director, hope you alive and well. Same your grandchildren. Besides, I wish to drink a vodka liter with your like we did in in a good time in your dacha. Not anymore. We are Both are old fucks. WHY I RIGHT IT. Simply what you used to say: "Jews (zgidi) took over Academ Gorodok", what was a shock pushed me out of my lovely Lena Chernikh and Natasha tKhonina to the USA, I still wish you well, old man. We are both in a front of eternity.
Alexander, USA
30/12/2022 09:17
Where is Bill Gates, when he is really needed?
Darwin Hardy, Hurricane, Utah USA
05/10/2014 10:18
Dr. Kozlov was my scientific supervisor when I did my Ph.D. in1986. Sorry, but effectiveness of any drug mast be proved by multiple independent institutions using double blind test. Alexander Lozovatsky, M.D., Ph.D.
Alexander, New York, USA
27/12/2013 02:10

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