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'What happens in Sibera stays in Siberia...unless it is covered by The Siberian Times'

Don't mess with Siberia's strongest woman as she deals with crazy driver

By Olga Gertcyk
28 March 2017

Powerlifter Oksana Kosheleva gets road rage, pulls motorist out of his vehicle, carries him over her shoulder, and locks him in the trunk of her car.

The powerlifter dragged him from his car and effortlessly carried him to her vehicle. Picture: 360 TV

The conflict came in a shopping mall car park after a male driver cut in front of her in a dangerous manoeuvre. Kosheleva, 34, famous for pulling trucks and trams, is heard lambasting him: 'You should learn how to park, there are kids around.'

The powerlifter dragged him from his car and effortlessly carried him to her vehicle where she locked him in the trunk, kicking him once before driving him 100 metres away and releasing him.

A bystander filmed the scene at the Komsomall shopping mall in Irkutsk.

The offending driver was said to be practicing so called 'handbrake turn' in the car park, and cut off Oksana's vehicle while his friends were filming the manoeuvre.

Oksana Kosheleva

Oksana Kosheleva

Oksana Kosheleva

Oksana Kosheleva

Oksana Kosheleva

A bystander filmed the scene at the Komsomall shopping mall in Irkutsk. Pictures:, 360 TV

'It all happened suddenly. I was in this situation for the first time,' she said. 'When he turned in front of me, I yelled at him: 'What are you doing? We are in a car park!'

'He said something and I came out to understand what he was talking about. And he started arguing with me.'

Interviewed by local TV on her road rage reaction she said: 'I always try to avoid rude talks and, of course, fights. I simply decided to teach him a lesson, I wasn't planning to beat him up.

'I am a woman and fights are not for me. After driving for around 100 metres I stopped.'

Oksana Kosheleva

Oksana Kosheleva

I simply decided to teach him a lesson, I wasn't planning to beat him up. I am a woman and fights are not for me. Picture: The Siberian Times

As she released him, she realised they both used to go to the same gym. Embarrassed Artyom, the driver, claimed later that 'nothing happened'.  He said: 'I knew this person. We used to train in the same gym.'

Oksana has set numerous records for pulling vehicles using only her brute strength. She moved 16-ton KAMAZ truck.

On another occasion she pulled a 16.5-ton tram, and she has also moved an 8.8-ton Mi-8 helicopter. On a cold (-21C) January day earlier this year she moved two trams with passengers for 5 metres, total weight of 36 tons.

Comments (15)

In the US she could have been shot in self defense or charged with kidnapping or both. ' I was planning to beat him up"
For this scenario I keep a Smith&Wesson .38 special revolver in my glove box...... the second she touches my door handle I could legally defend myself by any means......
Dan, Usa
10/03/2018 20:30
Regardless of the story line, it looks like a case of assault and kidnapping...pure and simple.
20/02/2018 09:55
That folks would be a REAL BLIND DATE that any man would remember for a life time.
Arthur Boyko, Lakeport, Michigan
07/02/2018 04:26
Could someone explain please, why they both appear to be driving right hand drive cars.
Edward, England
04/02/2018 20:20
Staged fake , everything in this video is unnatural,, obviously a scenario was developed and quite poorly i might add and all this for a publicity stunt. I mean the camera was precisely at the right place, the cars are perfectly align, all the doors opens freely without any difficulties whatsoever, the driver offers no resistance and almost willingly "jumps" on top of Oksana's shoulder only to perfectly rest like a potato bag..His legs arent moving,, kicking,,to provide perfect balance without any opposition. and finally ends up in the trunk using his own assist to sit down perfectly on his bottoms...
Not mentioning the camera guy doing nothing 'niet' but filming not worth the slightest 'help us'

Finally can you say
Stephane, Quebec city, Canada
02/02/2018 20:53
she could carry me anytime
Becs Spender, panama
16/11/2017 18:46
Girl power!!! Right on sista!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maureen, Chicago USA
26/10/2017 02:33
Is this woman is local thug , she needs to be given a taste of the law .
( The guy wasnt right either and dealt with, but that the job of the law , not this fat woman )
reader, Russia
06/08/2017 05:39
Are you serious the guy was a creminal? We only heard her side of the story.
That looks to me as unlawful confinement, therefore the criminal is her.
And, yes, also looks like roid rage.
George, Canada
02/07/2017 07:17
Please,stop talking about our president Mr Trump,
have some respect !
Diana., Cookeville.TN. U,S.A.
04/04/2017 03:41
Oksana ........... you made a good job (y)
after that you dumped Tramp can you came in Italy ? there are two politician Salvini and Grillo that will follow Trump
thank you in advance
Vittorio, Italy
02/04/2017 04:14
This is why the Wehrmacht lost to the Russians and the USA should avoid war with Russia as well.

There is another photo on the web where a Russian woman carried a big heavy log on her shoulder effortlessly.
Pietro Wongini, California, USA
30/03/2017 23:44
She taught him a lesson that he will never forget. Criminals will learn only when taught such harsh lessons immediately.
Lund, USA
29/03/2017 15:30
Dear Oksana, Please come here to the USA and pick up Trump the same way and dump him where you dumped the road-rage guy.
Phil Jones, Olympia, WA USA
29/03/2017 15:28
WE NEED MORE WOMEN LIKE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Benedikt MORAK, Moscow
29/03/2017 13:35

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