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'Siberia?! Hardly a holiday destination!'
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Weather in Novosibirisk

The climate type is 'humid continental' which somehow doesn't quite explain what to expect in Novosibirsk.

The weather is undeniably cold in winter but summers can be very warm, even hot and, yes, occasionally humid. The summer days are usually long, with sun rising as early as 5 am in June and July, and setting after 10 pm.  

Expect snow on almost half the days in the year with thermometers sinking as low as minus 40C in winter, while summers usually peak at around 35-37C.

But in winter and summer alike expect lots of sunshine - around 2,900 hours a year - generally a lack of wind in December and January, and quite windy and snowy February. 

Springs and autumns are short and rather unpredictable with some days fiercely cold and others warm (and sometimes with these extremes happening on the same day). 

September often has two, sometimes three, weeks of Indian summer, with long sunny days, flaming red, orange and golden leaves, high blue skies and crispy fresh air. End of May is another period of dry and usually hot weather, with flowers like dandelions and tulips, and also apple and cherry trees, in full bloom. 


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