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'The possession of Siberia's natural wealth has become vital in determining Russia’s position in the world'
W.Bruce Lincoln

Weather in Tyumen

The local climate is 'continental' with traditional cold winters and hot summers, but as locals say weather in Tyumen can quickly change regardless of the season.

The reason for this is the location of the city - Tyumen stands on the Western Siberian plain miles away from oceans and seas, but there are no mountain ranges to protect the city from air intrusions from both the icy Arctic in the north and the Kazakh steppes to the south, as well as the hot dry deserts of Middle Asia.

Warm and humid Atlantic air can also occasionally reach Tyumen from the West, having successfully negotiated the tall Urals Mountains. Tyumen summers are normally quite wet, with half the year’s precipitation falling within July and August.

Tyumen is known in the region as 'the island of warmth' with season temperatures averaging around 5°C in summer and -15°C in winter.

Still, the winters are long and cold with temperatures rarely climbing higher than minus 15°C and colder periods where the temperature falls to as little as -30°C. Average summer days are 25 to 30°C; however summer time is usually short.

Spring and autumn are not long here either, normally about 6-7 weeks, with regular sudden frosts, often occurring in early autumn and in the late spring, again this is due to sudden visits of icy Arctic air which is brought to the city by the Northern wind. These days are often cloudy and windy.


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