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Grotesque killing of pregnant mother, her body dragged along behind killer's car

By The Siberian Times reporter
12 April 2013

In life, Yulia Orgneva, 35, was 'beautiful and caring', an ex-paramedic who ran her own business and cared for her two children and had a baby on the way.

Yulia's mother Galina had gone back to the judge to beg that she remand the man in detention because - though supposedly confined to his house - he had begun making threats and was a danger to Yulia in Kochenevo, her village in Novosibirsk region. The judge refused. Picture: Vesti Novosibirsk/Rossiya 1

Her barbaric alleged killer Vladimir Stolyarov, 34, was not content with repeatedly striking her to death with an axe in an act of revenge because she reported him to police for assaulting and robbing her last summer. 

He also tethered her still-warm body to a car and dragged her corpse over the snowy roads for at least eight kilometres, said police. Her brutal killing leaves Yulia's 14 year old daughter and nine year old son without a mother. She was also two months pregnant, say her family. 

Yulia's mother Galina had gone back to the judge to beg that she remand the man in detention because - though supposedly confined to his house - he had begun making threats and was a danger to Yulia in Kochenevo, her village in Novosibirsk region. The judge refused. 

'Yulia's right hand was all chopped up and hanging by the bone,' said heartbroken Galina. 'Only by her rings did I realise it was my Yulia. Her carotid artery was cut on one side. All her face was mutilated, everything was mutilated. I don't know how can the killer walk on the ground. He is not a man.'

The sight of her body was too horrific for her to let some relatives see, and Yulia's father Arkady told the The Siberian Times: 'I'm not ready to talk right now. It's all too hard for us.

'My wife is in poor health.  Yulia's children are crying all the time.'

Yulia's funeral was conducted with the lid of her coffin closed because of the hideous wounds inflicted on her.  

As one local report stated: 'A normal person is not capable of understanding what the killer did to her.'

The appalling story began last summer when Stolyarov beat and robbed Yulia, causing her severe injuries, stealing her bag with her documents, money and telephone. Stolyarov was swiftly found and arrested. He was a drug addict with previous convictions and had served three years probation for possessing drugs. 

The court put him under house arrest but he started threatening Yulia, who ran a local transportation business. 

'He openly said that he would take a revenge,' said Galina. 'I asked the judge - 'Why did you let him go?' And she said - 'Oh calm down, Galina, I understand that you are under the stress, all of it is normal'.'

At one point, Stolyarov stormed into Arkady's office, seeking to intimidate Yulia to withdraw her complaint against him. 'He sat in front of me bold as anything, saying 'Well, did she take back the accusation?'. Arkady said no. 'And that was the whole conversation.'

Just ahead of the verdict on the assault and robbery case on 14 March, Stolyarov claimed he was seriously ill. The hearing was re-scheduled. 

Villagers tried to warn Yulia to hide because Stolyarov was now threatening to kill her. 

horrendous murder Novosibirsk region

horrendous murder Novosibirsk region

Yulia's parents Galina and Arkady. Pictures: Vesti Novosibirsk/Rossiya 1

He was rampaging through the streets with an axe stopping cars and shouting: 'Where is Yluia Ogneva?'

Locals called her mobile but it was already silent. It is not known where he found her. 

'The murder was committed because of the revenge. He took revenge for the fact that the victim had previously given a statement against him to the police,' said investigator Alexander Golovkin.

The authorities are reviewing whether Yulia was let down by the police and judicial authorities by leaving her exposed to a man who was known to be violent. 

Irina Biryukova, Yulia's sister, said the decision not to hold Stolyarov was probably according to the law. 

"If we had known about this outcome, of course we wouldn't claim any charges, he could have been free. We wouldn't care."

Relatives say they are frightened because the fear Stolyarov could order attacks on them from jail. He is now in detention pending his trial for murder.


Comments (3)

I send My Deepest and Sincere Condolences to the Family and Friends of The Poor Victim of this senseless act of Crime.I cannot believe all the Violent Crimes being carried out against such Innocent Victims and 90% of them are Female Victims unable to defend themselves from such Mentally Unstable Violent Criminals who are allowed to roam free do do whatever they want until something like this happens and then the Law finally steps in when it is too late to help the Victims.These mentally unstable Criminals should be locked up as soon as the threats are made, Either in a High Security Mental Hospital or better yet put behind bars in with the General Population (not in solitary confinement) of a High Security Prison and let Them face the Judgement and Punishment of the other Prisoners who have Their Own Justice System.
07/11/2013 22:05
This guys sucks. May he perish in jail.
Dave, Centerville/U.S.
14/10/2013 10:37
Hang him high. That's the only punishment for a bastard like that.
Dave, Centerville/U.S.
14/10/2013 10:35

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