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New she-wolf 'charm' protects women from infidelity and boosts male sexual prowess

By The Siberian Times reporter
05 July 2016

Animal rights organisation criticises 'savage' use of female body part as 'talisman', and other 'cures'.

'Among many indigenous peoples it is a powerful family talisman that protects against cheating.' Picture: Altai Strong

They're on sale at Krasnoyarsk airport, and in a number of online stores, described by one critic as 'the grossest souvenir imaginable'.

The 'she-wolf vagina' sells in one outler for 6,950 roubles (around $110) along with the following explanation: 'Among many indigenous peoples it is a powerful family talisman that protects against cheating. 

'The vagina is the talisman against infertility and helps to cope with diseases. It gives wisdom to women, and to men it gives power and authority.' 

Wolf vagina

Wolf vagina

Wolf vagina

'Is anyone buying this? My friends were also surprised. Most of them were also shocked at the price for such a savagery.' Pictures: Inessa Ivova,, Altai Strong

In online shop Altai Strong, this she-wolf sex organ - intended to be hidden in the owners clothing - is offered for sale alongside other animal body parts such as the claws and fangs of bears and wolves.

Here the price is less, 5,500 roubles ($86). It is described as a talisman for women to help conceive and bear a child, and to return a cheating husband to his family. Young men 'can use it to be successful with girls'.

Offered by  an online shop in Irkutsk, it is portrayed as the ideal present for couples getting married. 'The talisman can be a wedding gift,' it is claimed by

Tincture on red deer veins Tincture on red deer penises

A 'tincture of red deer veins' (left) and a 'tincture of red deer penises' (right). Pictures:

The gift shows 'you wish happiness to a young couple, and wish the bride health and that she gives  birth to healthy children'. There is also a warning: 'Beware of fakes. The she-wolf vagina is a quite rare and expensive talisman. 

'It should be taken from she-wolf, not from a dog, by a professional hunter. Only then does it work.' Here the cost is lower still, 5,000 roubles ($78).

One woman called Inessa who saw the body part on sale at Krasnoyark airport told local newspaper Prospekt Mira: 'Is anyone buying this? My friends were also surprised. Most of them were also shocked at the price for such a savagery.'

Bear's gall bladder

Musk gland

Dried bear's gall bladders and 'musk glands of Siberian musk deer'. Pictures:

Krasnoyarsk animal rights activist Anastasia Fishova said: 'Hunting is savagery, something from the times of cave people, but especially savage is making and selling the souvenirs and talismans from animal body parts. People should intervene with wildlife only to save endangered species.'

Yet this is not the only controversial product currently offered on sale. 

Online shops also offer a 'tincture of red deer penises', a 'traditional medicine' seen 'as a powerful natural aphrodisiac for men and women, as well as one of the most effective ways to treat impotence and infertility'.

Siberian musk deer's fang

Bear's claw

Squirrel's paw

'Especially savage is making and selling the souvenirs and talismans from animal body parts.' Pictures: Altai Strong

A 'tincture of red deer veins' is claimed to overcome problems with 'joints, cartilage and bones'.

Available too are the 'musk glands of Siberian musk deer' which is claimed by traditional medicine advocates  to cure impotency and combating brain diseases, leukaemia and tumours. Siberian musk deer fangs are seen as a talisman protecting children. 

On offer, too, are dried bear's gall bladder which is used the same way as dry bear's bile. This natural product of animal origin is believed to have an anti-inflammatory effect, curing liver and gastrointestinal problems, while also improving vision.

Comments (6)

Sex sells, In enlish this becomes more interesting, if you are involved to media business cheapest way to commercialize is to reveal genitals in public and you sell anything to every - man.
Sarianna, Tervamäki
29/07/2018 22:49
Great post!! I really appreciate this wonderful post that you have provided for us. I assure this would be beneficial for most of the people. excellent post.
StephanieRMontgomery, usa
31/10/2017 19:22
Hi, thanks for these amazing blogging tips. All the things that you have said just fabulous and inspiring. Thanks a lot.
StephanieRMontgomery, usa
22/09/2017 01:58
I have been working with a tribe from the Russian Far East for over 23 years. I speak their tribal dialect. They gave up on many ceremonies involving animals many years ago due to the decline in the animals in the region.This horrible business of animal parts is coming from white Russian people only-Not the indigenous people- The indigenous people are horrified at this business as well
Jan Van, Seattle,WA USA
08/09/2016 03:18
People here gave up on "rabbit foot" charms over 50 years ago.
Siberia needs schools.
Peter, Toronto
31/08/2016 05:09
This is very offensive. Such mindless violence to animals should not be promoted. It's disgraceful. There are ignorant people everywhere who slaughter beautiful, living beings because of superstitious beliefs that their body parts will increase male virility or bring good luck, from some Chinese people who believe powdered rhino horns will make them more virile, to some in Central America who wear or carry monkey hands for luck, to those selfish, ignorant fools (luckily no ,longer so many of them) over here who used to buy rabbit's foot 'good luck charms' and hang them over the dashboards in their cars. It's time to put an end to such superstitious, ignorant beliefs that cause so much needless suffering and death. It's high time all of us evolved and made such practices and global commerce of these items illegal everywhere.
maureen osullivan, new york usa
22/08/2016 06:51

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