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So did a UFO shoot down the famous Chelyabinsk meteorite last month?

By The Siberian Times reporter
28 February 2013

The meteorite that crashed to Earth in the Urals was attacked by a UFO causing it to explode and shatter, it was claimed on Thursday.

Early speculation suggested the incoming object had been shot at by a Russian missile, but no such claim has been made by the authorities. Picture: The Siberian Times 

The theory comes from Russian watchers of unidentified flying objects and echoes a version that first appeared on the day the space rock fell on Chelyabinsk region. Early speculation suggested the meteorite had been shot at by a Russian missile, but no such claim has been made by the authorities. 

Indeed, the Russian government is seeking to lead world efforts to secure the technology to blast such objects before they cause damage on the ground.

Now attention has switched to whether - as a raging online debate suggests - 'we were saved by a UFO' exploding the menacing meteorite seconds before it struck the ground.

'At first, we also believed that the Chelyabinsk meteorite was just an ordinary meteorite, a cosmic body', said Alexander Komanev, coordinator for the Russian UFO community in Yekaterinburg. 'But facts began to emerge. In the internet began to appear videos, at least three of which were similar, on which you can see how an object catches the meteorite.'

This tiny object then 'flies through it - and the meteorite explodes and falls. 

were we saved by UFO?

were we saved by UFO?

were we saved by UFO?

were we saved by UFO?

The meteorite that crashed to Earth in the Urals was attacked by a UFO causing it to explode and shatter, it was claimed on Thursday. Pictures: The Siberian Times 

'Such a number of videos, made from different angles makes us believe that something blew up the meteorite...' - Komanev stressed. 

To the untrained eye, it is hard to tell what was happening here, but Komanev suggests that prior to the the meteorite's fall there was an upsurge in UFO sightings.

His 'second supporting argument' is that 'since 2012 we have registered an increase of UFO activity. We began to receive more testimonies of eyewitnesses.'

He explained: 'Usually we get two messages about UFO per month. Since the beginning of February we received four messages.'

He claimed that 'we have two videos on which we can clearly see a UFO' shortly before the meteorite.

Komanev showed  two videos at a press conference in Yekaterinburg. One of videos was made in Chabry village, Sverdlovsk region. The claim is it shows

 two 'glowing bowls'  seen flying in the sky at night. They are visible, disappear and appear again, it is claimed.

On the second from Chelyabinsk, filmed at 10 am, 'glowing bowls' are shown slowly moving in the sky, they appear and then are lost again.

After the meteorite fall, he claimed he and his colleagues did not receive any messages about cases of UFO in the region.

'No activity at all,' he said. 

Meanwhile, divers in Lake Chebarkul have found craters in the three-metre thick silt where several pieces of the meteorite are believed to have sunk.

Lubov Rudometova, press secretary of Chebarkul administration, said: 'We have a special team of people who are searching for the meteorite's fragments.'

A magnetic examination of the lake's floor is also being conducted. 

Watch the video topping the UFO charts:

Comments (33)

What if it was a Super? Someone like Iron Man, Hulk, Superman? You have to say we've seen alot of the same from our favorite heroes. Seems like something they wud do! Alot of people were injured but it could have been way worse from what I've read and seen. It's sound ridiculous right? Maybe all these movies by MCU and DC are easing us in to the truth. There are aliens among us! And they might be Super!
Kris Bray, Irvine KY USA
30/07/2020 07:46
Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise shot it down!...thank you to our brave Space Warriors!
Mikey, California
20/09/2019 00:29
It was, imho a UFO - whether man made of E.T. There were two clips from different angled CLEARLY depicting the craft. That have since been scoured from the internet. I edited and studied the footage for days. They made me a believer. One depicted the craft appear in the sky out of nowhere, perform a 3-point manoeuvre and fly straight into the meteor just as it exploded. Another depicted the same manoeuvre, but also clearly showed the craft exit the other side of the meteor and vanish. I cannot for the life of me find either of those angles anymore. The footage was posted on numerous major news outlets. Whose articles now link simply to a deleted YouTube account
Weston, UK
19/09/2019 07:32
IQ has drastically reduced in humans in the past decade. From what I've read on this page - its obviously true!
Most comments appear to have been written by brain-dead, zombies.
Rickie, Manchester, Great Britain
09/09/2015 19:02
wish we could keep to the real world.
william lee, douglas arizona usa
08/04/2015 15:22
For you people saying it was a warhead, and that it intercepted, your'e wrong, it came from behind, which is not an interception, it went right through, which is not a warhead, it would have exploded, and you cant tell me the warhead was made out of some strong metal, because any metal we currently have on this planet would have either vaporized or disintegrated on contact with that meteor, and the most obvious, not one thing on this planet that is man made can travel at the speed or faster than 33000 miles per second, which the meteorite did, there case closed UFO interference out of this planet.
El Commando, La Cultura
11/04/2014 00:09
Meteors don't explode. Bolides explode and ABM's explode. UPDATE: Russian Nuclear Anti-Ballistic Missile Splits The Chelyabinsk Meteor And there most certainly was an early report of a missile launch.
Ed Ward, MD, USA
16/03/2014 11:16
The frame by frame analysis gives an insight. Thanks. 'Reflections' that coincide exactly with the 'reflection' passing through the meteor and the 'explosion'. Even a 'residual DU armored' missile, in my mastering of crude basic Physics, should have 'vaporized' at the time of the nuclear explosion. Apparently, my crude assumptions were off by seconds. "Update: Russian Nuclear ABM Splits Chelyabinsk Meteor"
Ed Ward, MD, USA
14/09/2013 20:46
An alien group has already acknowledged that they did shot at the meteor to break it apart. What this same group also revealed is that they also altered the meteor's orbit so that it entered into our atmosphere instead of just passing by. They did not reveal why they did this. This is NOT a joke. I first got this info BEFORE I even know that this video exist!
JC, Hong Kong
14/09/2013 11:56
If you watch closely you will notice that the "strange body" "flies" together with the black dots on the windshield. The car is moving on a curve causing the "dirt spots" on the windshield to appear moving. You can check this yourself - find a video that is not post-processed and put your mouse at the approximate position where the "strange body" will appear - you will see that the "strange body" will not move relative to the mouse (camera frame)... It seems this is a small defect on the windshield that reflects the light from the meteorite. These defects are not uncommon for windshields. Sorry UFO fans...
Martin, Switzerland
27/08/2013 22:23
Previous Johnjohn comment:
"That would be so dumb, why would any extra terrestrial entity wait until the rock is in the atmosphere? It still caused ample damage. It would have far easier for extra terrestrials to shoot it down long before it would hit the atmosphere. Anything else would be idiotic to even contemplate."

Bitch Answer: True, it would be easier for our extraterrestrial brothers to take it out in space, yet if they did how would we know that a pebble had been shot at us?

Is the Druid refusing to see what it is? Have we not been taken off right?
Patrick Sullivan, Des Moines, Iowa USA
23/03/2013 18:21
Yes...the Russian Meteorite was "Shoot Down" by the "Benevolent Cosmic E.T. Brotherhoods" whom watch over and protected our Planet&Human Race from many of Unforeseen&Unknown Galactic Disasters which happen from time to time, as the Benevolent Galactic Forces Did let the small Meteoroid go thru their Protective Barriers to "Awaken" the sleeping Human they would come together and Continue Looking-up into the Heavens and to "Believe" & know of their presence...but when the Benevolent Cosmic Forces saw that the Meteoroid "Did Not" Disintegrate into fine dust as predicted...the Galactic Forces WERE FORCED to "Shoot It Down" into a Billion Pieces(as seen throughout the World)...

Some of these Hidden/Cloaked UFO-Crafts are also known as False Stars or Sky Sentry's or "Watchers" who

used One of their simple but effective Light Beam Weapon this "Beam" caused the rouge Meteoroid to Disintegrate into Billions of pieces which caused minor Damage...!!!
14/03/2013 21:23
"War is a sport?" (Patrick Sullivan, Des Moines, IA) Personally, I have wondered that. The military uniforms of various countries begin to look like sports teams in the U.S. with different colors, jackets, hats, etc. Then there are all the weird walks (goose stepping, in particular), salutes, medals, pins, hierarchies. But the activities also resemble gang behavior as seen in the U.S. in impoverished neighborhoods. It is a blight and financial drain upon our societies and should be banned by enlightened people along with football.
Lynn, Tucson, Arizona, USA
11/03/2013 15:13
Do we not understand that war is a sport?

If this is understood, then why did our sporting class build 150,000 nuclear weapons?

Was the Chelyabinsk fireball a nuclear warhead that was taken out of service by our Father?

Could the UFOs that have openly been interacting with us be sent from our Father's house to spare us from nuclear destruction?
Patrick Sullivan, Des Moines, USA
02/03/2013 02:51
There was no missile, those are just reflections off the glass. This was a BOLIDE which builds up a huge electric charge, and then EXPLODES. All by itself. No missiles necessary. That's why they have found nothing but tiny pieces. Meteors and bolides are ROCKS they are not made of ice.
Edward Teach, Ocracoke, USA
02/03/2013 02:33

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