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'The greatest rail adventure in the world, the Trans-Siberian train journey'

New 'super fast' trains could revolutionise links between major Siberian cities

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08 October 2012


Part of Trans-Siberian: general view of Novosirsk railway station. Picture: The Siberian Times 

The trains would have speeds of between 300 and 400 kilometres per hour.

This could slash times on these journeys from ten to 12 hours to a maximum of three hours. reported that a battle between Russian Railways, the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Economical Development could bring the lightning fast lines to Siberia. 

A plan for high speed train links between St Petersburg, Moscow and Ekaterinburg has met a "cool reception" from two government bodies, it is claimed.

'Instead officials from both ministries prepared a report to the President suggesting to pay more attention to the east and build super fast railways (with train speed of 300 to 400 km an hour) between the biggest cities in Siberia, the Urals and the Volga region,' said the news site.

Such a plan, which could take years to develop, would be a boon to business and private travellers as well as tourists.

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All the main Russian cities will be conected by high speed railways when the financial resources are available. For now it is more important improving cargo trains and railways for commerce. After all, trade will supply the financial strength to build those new high speed railways. Also tourism.
Enrique, Spain
01/08/2013 19:55
Its 9,300km Moscow-Vladivoctok. At say 350kph these trains could theoretically do that 6-8 day journey in -- 26 hrs, say 26 to 48hrs. So if they take 6-9 hours off the journey from Omsk to Krasnoyarsk via Novosibirsk, reducing it by 3/4, then they could reduce the M-V journey by similar, from 6-8 days to 2-3 days at that speed... Add a couple of days for Moscow to Europe or Vladivoctok to China and they could beat the Arctic route from Shanghai to Europe by half. That would be worth investing a few billion in...surely?

Has anyone done any official studies of high-speed trains along the Trans-Sib?
Philip, /UK
24/10/2012 22:01
Whatever happens in Siberia, whatever is developed, will be for nought without high speed transportation. High speed trains between all the centres in Siberia and the RFE are fundamental. Same with air links. They should develop airports that can handle huge cargo carriers so that anything that is manufactured in Siberia and the RFE can be transported anywhere in the world. In fact Siberia and the RFE need to become like the US from 1850-1950, constant opening up through transportation. High speed rail, cargo aircraft, maybe even road-trains...

Philip, UK
14/10/2012 17:58
not only new fast passenger train lines, but the better and faster cargo train railways. Siberia is in fantastic position to earn billions by transporting goods between east and west
Lev P., Poland
11/10/2012 00:30
If the Germans get in on it it may just be possible... They seem to be running much of the network in European Russia.
Philip, UK
10/10/2012 18:19
sounds far too good to be true!
Olga, Siberia
09/10/2012 18:51

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