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Novosibirsk hosts major world forum on improving life in cold climates

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16 January 2013


Arkady Dvorkovich, deputy chairman of the Russian government: 'I am happy to greet you in snowy Russia. I support your desire to draw the attention of the world public to the issues related to the development of territories under severe winter conditions'. Picture: World Snow Forum 2013

Eminent international experts from East and West are descending on Novosibirsk for an ambitious event covering everything from the future of cities, to Arctic ecology, and winter sports and culture.

Hundreds of mayors, academic experts, government officials and advisors are expected at a Forum initiated by the government of Novosibirsk region. 

'This event is very serious: the participants will discuss the environmental issues of the northern territories, problems of city management in long winter period, the prospects winter sports development,' said governor Vasily Yurchenko. 

Arkady Dvorkovich, deputy chairman of the Russian government, told arriving participants: 'I am happy to greet you in snowy Russia. I support your desire to draw the attention of the world public to the issues related to the development of territories under severe winter conditions. 

'The residents of these territories, the government and local authorities, business people and entrepreneurs have to take account of the seasonal factor and harsh natural conditions in their life and work.

'I believe that, in the conditions of changing climate, the Forum will become an effective venue for discussing winter issues and exchanging experience in winter city management, as well as infrastructure development, health and environment.

'I wish the Forum every success and hope that its decisions will be actively used in creation of comfortable environment to live and work in and in development of business and culture, science and sports in the snow-covered territories of our country.'

The Forum will highlight technology for use in cold climates and focus on 'energy efficient and energy active houses' as part of the International Snow City Exhibition, one aspect of the Forum.

'Over 300 mayors and city management leaders of regions will participate in the ISCE 2013. More than 250 Russian and foreign companies will exhibit their equipment and developments,' said a spokesman.

A conference of mayors and city management leaders will be held to exchange best practices of coping with winter and exploiting its potential.

An ecological aspect under discussion at the three day event at the Novosibirsk Expocentre - the largest venue of its kind east of the Urals - will be the consequences for conservation of Arctic Sheolf development.

Another key theme the role of snow cover and its role 'in shaping of climatic characteristics and environmental conditions'.

A 'Snow Russian Ballet' will be staged in Russia's biggest theatre - the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre.

There will be a World Snow Sculpture competition and a Miss Snow Universe beauty pageant with 20 participants. 

Comments (3)

My Reply to: Philip, UK-This Gentleman is not weird at all!He is not even out imagining anything!No Bahamas!No Thailand!They would never change these low temperatures for anything in the world.Living this way is faraway healthier way than yours It is because of such low temperatures that in the Second World War the Germans lost all their battles and capitulated.The Russians are a strong and very hardy people.Parents start bathing their one-year-old babies in rivers, seas and lakes at subzero temperatures to steel them, and to keep their children healthier and stronger!Russians are no softies like you Brits!And just think that they are out of their minds.That shows that you know nothing and that your knowledge is very shallow and below zero!!!You've left this stupid comment on 10/02/2013,I guess, you are already dead thanks to your ignorance and intolerance of your body!Having shallow mind and thinking this way about one nation is the worst thing ever that can happen to somebody as you!
Svetlana mihaila Popovic Green, Nis, Serbia
22/08/2019 19:02
Either he's one of those weird people who take a dip at -40C, and think nothing of it, or he's so 'out of it' he imagines himself n the Bahamas or Thailand, until he gets caught by hypothermia, and wakes up belatedly to the cold reality...
Philip, UK
10/02/2013 17:09
how come we in Britain can't deal with 6 inches of snow and this man walks there like he's at +30 by the sea, happy and relaxed, and nothing stops - life just goes on!
here in cold London, UK
17/01/2013 23:12

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