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Vladimir Putin raps government for failing to issue a blueprint for developing Siberia and Far East

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19 September 2012


Vladimir Putin during Russia's federal budget 2012-2013 meeting in Sochi. Picture: 

His move is the latest evidence of the importance placed by the Kremlin leader in plans to radically improve the economy in Siberia and the Far East. 

Putin complained that executive orders he signed on returning to the presidency in May have not been implemented. 

'I want to draw your attention to the fact that, unfortunately, there have been systemic failures on a number of positions,' he complained at a government meeting. 

'As for the development of Siberia and the Far East, the executive orders stipulate drafting proposals to accelerate socioeconomic development of Siberia and the Far East, such as improving transportation to remote areas, and so on. 

'The agencies responsible for this include the Regional Development Ministry, which is a key agency in charge of this task together with the Economic Development Ministry and the Finance Ministry.'

This was one of a number of failings identified by Putin for this ministry, and he also rapped the Labour Ministry. 

'I will not take any decisions myself in view of the existing reporting order but I want to draw the Prime Minister's attention to the need to reprimand the Regional Development Minister and the Labour Minister,' he said. 

'The work of a minister implies personal responsibility for the sector. And if something scheduled has not been implemented, then this responsibility should be borne.'

While adding that this was 'nothing personal' he warned all Ministers: 'I will closely monitor our joint efforts and take appropriate action in response to the steps you are taking or not taking when you should be.'

Putin has recently hinted at tax advantages for new - 'greenfield' - business developments in Siberia and the Far East. 

Some pundits have suggested that Putin's comments represent an attack on ex-president Medvedev and that he may not remain prime minister for much longer. Medvedev was not at the meeting in Sochi when members of his government were criticised. 

'If Putin really intends to change the prime minister and the government for a stronger team in the autumn - and I don't think there is any other choice - of course he needs citizens to understand why he is doing it,'  Nikolai Petrov, analyst at the Moscow Carnegie Centre, told Reuters.

Comments (2)

Russian Govt leaders, to "wake up" this over due dormancy which for too long has hindered any investments into the many untouched miscellaneous Siberian resources deserves unbiased praise and salutations.

Siberia a neglected part of Russia has huge potential and needs huge capital to expose its vast wealth of which there is no doubt it possesses.

I just hope these russian oligarchs remember their birth place and together with foreign Companies financially invest heavily towards these Siberian mineral ,gas, explorations and tourism.
Looking down from his "Heavenly Sputnik" Yuri Garagin would be appalled at watching his people in 2013 trying to reach their destinations on a main highway unfit for mule trains. This "goat track"(M53) cuts through Siberia and winds through majestic forests, over frothing rivers, around sparkling lakes and meanders past some of the most beautiful Cities in the world.
Yet this highway has been the scorn, mockery and laughter of other countries for too long, .What happened to that russian pride? Are you not the race of people who were first into space? Invented the helicopter ? Built the first ICBM ? .First to have discovered Vitamins ? Show Yuri that you still have it, Da da PROUD TO BE A RUSSIAN
Patrick Travers, Perth Australia
16/11/2013 00:13
Siberia is the "Canada" of the Russian Federation, with a populated Strip next door to a big neighbor. The population is similar (around 35 million), even comparing Vladivostok to Vancouver (araound half a million). Also, dependence on natural resources is similar as both are energy and mineral exporters.
Enrique, Spain
23/07/2013 08:16

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