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Better air links for Russian Far East and Europe, with a new Open Skies regime

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07 September 2012


'Its time to analyze why people fly to Europe or even Moscow via Seoul', Levitin said. Picture: Vladivostok airport

Currently many people opt to fly to Asian countries en route to Europe. 

A new 'Open Skies' regime is in force in Vladivostok, which will now lead to a revolution in flight options, he forecast. 

'We must analyse the situation of why passengers are opting to fly to Europe and even to Moscow via Seoul,' Igor Levitin said. 

'We must look at establishing direct air service from Vladivostok to Europe with a stopover either in Moscow or in other airport'.

The same could happen from Khabarovsk, he said.

He stressed: 'We are implementing everything we have promised to encourage the development of Russia's Far East.'

Levitin also claimed that the recently-opened new airport terminal in Vladivostok will lead to lower air fare prices. 

'As the number of jets seating more than 300 passengers is increased, ticket prices will go down,' he said in Vladivostok, which is now hosting the APEC summit. 

'Now that a new terminal is built, expenses will decrease and it will be reflected in the pricing policy.'

Lower ticket prices and more direct flights could be a boom not only for Russians living in the Far East. 

Such a development could also encourage more packages for Western tourists from Europe taking one way trips on Trans-Siberian Railway. 

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