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DHL brings Siberia a faster link to key world business destinations

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01 August 2012


DHL Express Russia, now with new service linking Siberia and Far East and Hong Kong

A new deal on customs clearance will also speed imports into Russia in these regions. 

The moves are part of a DHL drive to target the growing economies in the Asia-Pacific region. The operator say this will reduce delivery times by one day from cities in Russia's Far East to most international destinations.

As an example, express deliveries to the US are now taking only one day from Vladivostok to New York.

'Russia plays an important role in the economics of the Asia Pacific region, which certainly impacts on international trade with the Far East,' said Sergey Golosov, Area Manager for Siberia and Far East region for DHL Express Russia.

'The growth of the express delivery market in Russia is an indicator of active trade development. 

'Now that the number of express shipments between Russia, US, China and other APEC countries is growing, we try to foresee our customers' needs in the Far East and reduce delivery times, thus making our services even more convenient.'

Another innovation is DHL's Break Bulk Express service for  Russian customers. 

This means consolidated shipments to Russia can be  broken into individual shipments and then forwarded to different recipients within the same customs union using a single customs clearance.

It requires only a single payment of customs duties and taxes for all shipments, so keeping costs and bureaucracy down for customers.

'Russia is an active importer, and express import services are very popular among our customers,' said Elena Emelyanova, Head of Marketing for DHL Express in Russia. 

'The knowledge and experience in logistics and customs clearance of DHL Express's international specialists enable us to offer every customer a solution responding to their needs and requirements. 

'As one of the biggest customs brokers in Russia, we always aim at improving our service. 

'Most of the shipments imported by DHL Express are cleared within 1 hour after aircraft landing. As a result, around 20% of all our shipments are delivered on the day of their arrival to Russia.'

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