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Dali and Picasso get warm welcome in Mongolia

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05 May 2016


Dali and Picasso get warm welcome in Mongolia. Picture: Chinbat Jigmedsuren,
An unprecedented exhibition displaying one of the biggest private collections of Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali is underway until late May at The Fine Arts Museum of Zanabazar. The works are owned by Alexander Shadrin from Russia, businessman, philanthropist, collector and exhibition organiser. 

'Receiving a world class exhibition with astounding magnitude and abundance for the first time, the Mongolian public will be able to explore the true depth of the famous painters' masterpiece paintings and drawings,' said a statement by the museum. 

The diverse exhibition will also feature ceramic works including 'Goat's Head', 'Four dancers' and 'Picador and a Bull' by Pablo Picasso along with lithographs, drawings and sculptures including 'Triumphant Elephant', 'Vision of an Angel', 'Dance of Time I-III' and 'Woman in a flame' from Salvador Dali.

Dali and Picasso in Mongolia

Dali and Picasso in Mongolia

Dali and Picasso in Mongolia
Dali and Picasso get warm welcome in Mongolia. Pictures here and below: Chinbat Jigmedsuren,

Mr Shadrin, 57, born in the Urals, said the exhibition was brought to Mongolia in honour of Gala Dali, the lifelong inspiration of Salvador Dali. According to his belief, Gala, an ethnic Russian, came from a family with a far-flung ancestor from Mongolia.

'Seeing the remarkable works by the world famous artists with my own eyes feels incredible. I believe the exhibition is a very generous gift to Ulaanbaatar residents, who are ardent for modern arts,' said Bat-Uul Erdene, the Mayor of Ulaanbaatar, who supported the exhibition under the city's campaign 'Hospitable Ulaanbaatar'.

The Fine Arts G. Zanabazar Museum was founded in 1966. The museum is renowned for the works of G. Zanabazar (1635-1724), which include the statues of Sita Tara, the Five Dhayani Buddhas and the Bodhi Stupa. 

Dali and Picasso in Mongolia

Dali and Picasso in Mongolia

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Have to comment surrealism, is tasteless. What style surrounding has to be for surrealist art? All dreams are not tasteless. Many public art pieces today are tasteless, doesn't fit and are improper. When example art deco and folk art environment is whole, harmony.
sarianna, isnääs
26/11/2017 17:24

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