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Meet Yar, the eagle that can't fly far... without an artificial leg

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30 July 2013


The bird is reckoned to be 50 days old. Picture: Yelena P. Schnayder

Yar was severely injured, the binding preventing blood circulation to the leg which had broken off when the bird of prey was found several days ago by a member of an expedition from the Siberian Ecological Centre.

'Yar will be able to fly - but he will never be able to make it on his own in the wild,' said a statement by the Rehabilitation Centre for Birds of Prey in Novosibirsk. 

Without a prosthetic leg, Yar will not be able to take off and land properly, and so will be unable to catch prey to sustain his strength. Now wildlife campaigners are gathering funds 'towards surgery to remove part of the bone which is still sticking out which has to be done to prevent  gangrene'.

The bird is reckoned to be 50 days old. 

Yar the eagle needs help

Yar the eagle needs help

Without a prosthetic leg, Yar will not be able to take off and land properly, and so will be unable to catch prey to sustain his strength. Pictures: Elvira Nikolayenko, Yelena P. Schnayder

'By an unfortunate accident, Yar's parents brought a rope together with other material to make the nest, and the baby eagle got its leg tangled it. The rope went so tight around Yar's left leg that it completely blocked blood circulation from below the knee joint, leading to the tissues dying and leg breaking off', Novosibirsk Rehabilitation Centre for Birds of Prey said. 

'His thigh bone on its injured led is still there and protruding outside the soft tissues. Yar needs surgical removal of the protruding part of the bone to prevent further rotting and mortification. Surgery will take place as soon as possible. 

'In future we plan to make a prosthesis that will allow Yar to lean on it and so walk normally.'

So far the funds for this are not in place but the centre is seeking money and expertise on such a rare operation.

Comments (3)

I have a eagle with tha same problem mentioned abow. But my bird loss his right leg and left wing by electric shok. We removed that aftrer one week of he is well. But he cant fly and catch prey himself. Is there any rehabilitatation centre to take care of him. Pis inform me on my email.
Sheji zesha, Kollam .India
04/09/2016 12:16
Watching the silhouettes of Wedge Tail Eagles effortlessly circling at great heights against the cloudless blue sky occupied a lot of my time when I was a wide-eyed youth. This largest Australian flying bird was a majestic sight and without doubt king of the skies. I had the privilege of raising one from a chic to a full grown bird ,and we formed a bond of trust and loyalty that has not been surpassed by anything to this very day. Looking at the pictures of the Siberian Imperial eagle chic "Yar" I disagee on two points (1) that it is 50 days old (2) That it wouldn't survive in the wild with one leg . They are very intelligent birds and have a huge array of weaponry that help them to survive .
Their eyesight would be the envy of any modern day photo seeing cameras , their use of air currents to glide silently whilst seeking prey has no equal , they make "Drones' look amateurish . Russian folklore immortalizes this bird when ever talking about brave and daring deeds of the past ,
Good luck YAR for the future and many happy gliding hours in those frosty blue Siberian skies . Patrick .
21/12/2013 04:20
Perhaps your group may consider asking a place like the Raptor Center at the University of Minnesota in the USA...they specialize in helping birds of prey so they may be placed in rehab/teaching facilities...the School of Vet Med at the U of Minnesota has advanced medical-surgical facilities which should be be to help this poor bird...
Sharon hambley, Reston, va, USA
30/07/2013 16:59

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