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'If you emptied Lake Baikal, it would take every river in the world flowing into it a year to fill.'

Royal splash - action to restore the Siberian sturgeon to one of the biggest rivers in the region

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18 October 2012


Off you go! Novosibirsk businessmen that released 4,000 sturgeon fry are confident most of them will survive. Picture: 

Environment groups estimate that legal catches amounted to 1,410 tons in the 1930s, but had plunged 128 times by 1997 due to over-fishing.

Now a major release of 4000 Siberian sturgeon fry was made in the Ob in a bid to gradually restore the fish.

In the presence of the governor of Novosibirsk region Vasily Yurchenko, it was the first release of big fry (100-150g) since 1990.

'Siberian sturgeon fry were raised in the incubation shop - Novosibirsk fish factory - which was established in 2009 for the reproduction of whitefish and sturgeon,' said the governor's press service.

The modern facility, the largest in the Ob basin, was a capacity of 250 million eggs which also includes white salmon and starlet.

Comments (3)

The fry look beautiful. How long do they take to grow to adult size?
Dr. Rohan Wickramasinghe, Colombo, Sri Lanka
21/11/2012 02:00
True is fishing mafia ruin sturgeon in same in Siberia rivers no? Then no point this new fish go in river
Georgio, Europe
19/10/2012 00:21
cute! and good if they manage to restore the population - sorry but I do love fishing and I'd like to be able to fish for it, even in some years
D, Germany
18/10/2012 16:31

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