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What a difference a year makes! Space image shows the devastating impact of flooding

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15 September 2013


The flooding has caused severe damage to the Russian Far East for more than a month with Khabarovsk region the worst-hit. Picture: Russian Emergencies Ministry

Recent days have seen students from the Emergencies Ministry literally holding back the tide, a human wall keeping in place containment booms to save the city, as our picture shows. Some have needed treatment for exposure to cold.

High winds of 15 metres per second produced high waves and made the task of rescuers even more difficult as they seek to prevent the bursting of a dam protecting the city of 264,000.

On Sunday Mi-8 helicopters were flying concrete slabs onto the dam to strengthen the barricades. 

'In weather conditions of the kind, the floating transporters cannot be used, so the concrete slabs are being transported to the place of the erosion by helicopters', said a spokesman. 'The slabs are put to the base, and further on they will be covered by sacks with sand.'

Flooding 2013 the Far East of Russia

Flooding 2013 the Far East of Russia

What a difference one year makes! Aerial view of Amur river in August 2012... and 2013. Pictures: NASA 

The dramatic flooding is highlight on space pictures comparing the Amur this year to last. They were taken by NASA's Aqua satellite, said NASA's Earth Observatory on Friday. The flooding has caused severe damage to the Russian Far East for more than a month with Khabarovsk region the worst-hit. 

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What a shame the USSR never got its act together 50 years ago and linked all the great rivers of Siberia and central Asia. All that extra water could have been sent west and south to where it is needed, replenishing the Aral Sea and irrigating Western China.
Julian, Arkansas USA
17/09/2013 13:10
hold on there guys, we are thinking of you and praying for your health
Joan and Tim, US/Australia
16/09/2013 00:03

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