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'I've grown fat, got a tan & now look like a Siberian'

Zany weather in Siberia confuses bears, ostriches... and weather experts

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15 November 2013


Across a vast swathe of Siberia, unseasonal weather is confusing residents, animals and plants. Picture: The Siberian Times

People over the world know Siberia is famous for one thing - cold. But this year, which has already seen bikinis in Arctic Norilsk, winter conditions are postponed, with intriguing consequences. Bears in Bolsherechensky Zoo, Omsk are delaying their hibernation as it's not cold enough.

'They are languid, but they cannot lie down,' explained official Natalia Bolotova. 'They have gained the right weight, became twice heavier, but do not go to sleep. You see how warm this November is, perhaps, if it will be colder the would have already fell asleep.'

In Tyumen, ostriches at one zoo are building nests and preparing for mating, a spring-time activity, normally. They too are confused by the weather. 

Plants are perplexed, with lilac bushes starting to grow buds in Omsk. Vital winter transport routes in Khanty-Mansy Autonomous Region across frozen rivers and swamps cannot be used properly because they are not yet frozen. 

In Kemerovo meteorologists speak of an 'abnormally warm November' while two time zones further east in Irkutsk, 3 November saw a temperature of 14.4C, the warmest since records began.

The mild weather is due to the arrival of powerful warm Atlantic air masses that do not often reach Siberia. 

Comments (3)

Come to Siberia and see it with Your eyes! )))
Radique, Tyumen / Siberia
26/05/2014 16:09
Ok so the weather is not as usual in Siberia ! Get of the climate change band wagon ! Changing and variable climate is as old as the planet just learn to live with the changes and stop trying to create a story !!!
Craig, Perth, Western Australia
20/11/2013 16:16
Siberia,has always been a land of contrasts and unpredictability, a land where weather governs its reason for existing . Maybe at some time in the future Siberia will be more mild ,less harsh ,more inviting . Climate change may change this land into another garden of Eden ,WOW Future siberians could be growing palm trees in their backyards,huge varieties of tropical fruit at their Dachas, Lilac bushes in bloom all the year round and with the blood stained red colour of the rare Siberian orchid proudly being displayed in vases throughout all of the lounge rooms in Siberia . Just maybe !
Patrick Travers, Perth Australia
16/11/2013 08:44

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