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Governor of Krasnoyarsk region denied people are to blame for the inferno engulfing his region

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07 August 2012


Lev Kuznetsov, Governor of Krasnoyarsk region, Western Siberia. Picture: Krasnoyarsk Government's website

Governor Lev Kuznetsov said: 'The maximum temperatures in 100 years were exceeded in several districts. Precipitation has not been reported in these areas for two months. 

'The causes of all major fires are not linked to the human factor because the outbreaks are recorded in distant and absolutely uninhabited districts.'

On a tour of key Siberian cities, Medvedev, who announced a raft of measures by the government to counter the fires, had earlier claimed many blazes were begun by people being careless.

'Of course, we've got to invest in equipment, and awareness, but we've also got to behave like humans, not swine.  Because we know what is the cause of the majority of fires,' said the premier.

On Monday he also called for 'personal' responsibility to avert fires. 

Medvedev ordered his government to 'take additional measures to extinguish the fires, to check that fire safety requirements are being met in populated areas located near woods, and to ensure that systems are in place for warning people of emergency situations'.

Kuznetsov stressed the need for federal help in coping with the costs of tackling the fires. 

The city of Kransoyarsk has suffered from smoke fumes in recent days. 

Reports say some 1,000 tones of water has been dropped by military aircraft on burning forests in Krasnoyarsk region in the past week. 

Wildfires have come close to over 1,000 settlements this year, but without causing risk to human life, said the Emregencies Ministry. 

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Why it so hot there? Supposed to be a cold place, no?
Jack, Brisbane
08/08/2012 11:37
good lad
Chris, E'burgh
07/08/2012 03:28

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