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Rare tiger fights for its life after illegal shooting

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21 August 2015


The cub was found to be 'seriously injured' and in need of specialist care. Picture: Amur Tiger Centre

The badly wounded female Amur tiger cub was found on her own by a hunter in Primoskiy region who immediately sought help. Vets and tiger experts provided assistance: the animal was immobilized to allow examination and first aid. 

The cub was found to be 'seriously injured' and in need of specialist care. Experts refused to detail the exact wounds to avoid hampering a criminal investigation into the shooting. 

Sergei Aramilev, director of the Amur Tiger Centre, said: 'Unfortunately, the injuries are quite serious. At the moment, the vets have done everything possible, and now it all depends on the tiger's organism. We want to believe she will make it. Now it is the question of life and death. It is premature to speak about her future options, zoo or wild.'

Siberian tiger injured

'At the moment, the vets have done everything possible, and now it all depends on the tiger's organism.' Picture: Amur Tiger Centre

A spokesman at the Tiger Centre in Moscow later told The Siberian Times that the cub's condition had improved, and she was trying to stand up. Andrey Shorshin, told: 'She even tried to stand up on all four legs, but in her state it is strongly prohibited.'

'The experts are worried about the mother of the cub,' added Aramilev. 'So far, she has not been traced. During the 'census' a female tiger with her cub were regularly spotted (in this area), and they never showed any aggression towards humans or domestic animals.' 

The fear is the mother was killed by poachers to sell her skin and other body parts on the black market to China. 

Despite a tightening of the law, the Amur - or Siberian - tiger remains vulnerable to poachers. There are now believed to be 500 or so Amur tigers living in the wild. Recently another cub was shot in Khabarovk region. 

Comments (15)

- please have resepct and compassion for all living beings on this beautiful blue Planet- thx Mr.@-
Edgar Derichs, Aix la Chapelle/NRW - Germany
24/07/2016 02:09
We need to go after the root/source instead of the symptom! MAKE THE POACHERS TALK! FIND OUT THE SOURCE OF THESE ANIMAL CRIMES! Life in jail or death to the poachers!
Frances Christenson , usa
12/09/2015 03:21
The torture, exploitation and murder of endangered and threatened animals always involves China. China, the #1 animal torturer country in the world. Until we, humans, don't kill, exploit, torture, extirpate, destroy and massacre all wild animals and the living systems that sustain all life on Earth, man's ego continues the war on animals and Nature. Homo sapiens should go extinct - NOW!
Marisa Herrera, Canada
27/08/2015 09:01
Terrified that this senseless killing will wipe these beautiful creatures sad.......l hope this little cub breathes to live a long life as a Great Powerful Tiger.
world War Roar, Australia
24/08/2015 23:30
Very sad for an injured young tiger. Hope this tiger will fully recover and back to wild that he belongs. to get rid of poachers worldwide? Poachers should get shot to death in the spot of poaching.
BA, California, USA
24/08/2015 10:25
This senseless killing must STOP! Time to poach the poachers. People all over the world are upset because trohpy hunting and poaching is in the worldwide spotlight. Time to galvanize and FIGHT this evil, for it is truly evil. Don't ever stop speaking out! Be a voice for the voiceless. Stop the poaching! Toughen the laws. Signe every petition you can find.
Mike Kramer, Sonoma CA
24/08/2015 03:38
I'm devastated that this happened. I pray for this beauty. I hope on the death of Cecil the Lion we can make a change. May God Bless the good humanitarians of the world. All we can do is fight and keep fighting
ilene farry , California USA
23/08/2015 23:08
I hate people like this they shoot for fun and if it ain't dead they leave it to die. What did tigers do to us? NOTHING AT ALL !!!!!!!!
Ce Ce coda, U.S.A
23/08/2015 10:50
Knowing that so many species will disappear, go extinct, why aren't the governments of all the countries doing something about it. Once we lose them, they will never come back. What is wrong with human race. We should be the ones going extinct. We don't deserve to share this planet with them. Human race is a disease to this plnet!
Anna Stasiak-Borkowski , US
22/08/2015 23:23
This is absolutely disgusting how can people kill these innocent creatures they deserve to roam free without the fear of humans who want to abuse them SHAME ON THE POACHERS the penalties are not harsh enough to deter the poachers MAKE THEM PAY
Julie, Australia
22/08/2015 13:15
- please respect all living Creatures on this beautiful blue Planet - thx Mr.@-
Edgar Derichs, Aix La Chapelle/NRW - Germany
22/08/2015 13:05
Why does man still try to prove "supremacy" with barbaric bullying...would these hideous bullies face such creatures bare knuckle head to head...I doubt. A beautiful critically endangered species such as this seeking protection to survive in a world presently fragile to all...where is altruistic compassion? Man that hunts and kills for pleasure and profit has no place in this world we are all endangered...roll over and play dead...we that treat all species with equal worth have no time for bye bye!
Carmen, Ireland
22/08/2015 07:40
I hate people. I rest my case.
Sandii Hammond, Dorset
22/08/2015 07:28
Maybe its time to offer a bounty on poachers.
Darwin, USA
22/08/2015 03:55
Praying you can find it in your hearts... To protect these sacred majestic ones!!
Sending love to You!!!
Christine Kuntz , Dover Delaware USA
21/08/2015 21:16

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