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Blood donor movement in Novosibirsk is the best in Russia

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04 August 2013


'Doctors continue surgeries, deliver babies and treat ill patients. We need blood every day'. Picture: Novosibirsk mobile blood donation point, OTS TV company

For two years a mobile blood donation point has worked every month at Lenin Square in the heart of Novosibirsk. This has attracted 2,000 people to make the vital life-saving gift of blood. 

Novosibirsk Blood Centre chief doctor Konstantin Khalzov told Itar-Tass: 'The major purpose of the event is to involve young healthy people in the donor movement in order to form a detachment of professional donors. 

'The blood will be sent to assist to people, primarily children, with blood disorders - haemophilia, leukaemia and others'.

Some 250 donors are needed by the city's clinics to meet the demand for blood. A legal ban on paying for blood had made it a tougher challenge to persuade people to donate.

'This year was not easy for our centre due to the federal law on donation. But residents of the Novosibirsk region respect the changes and the region's centre had no blood lack,' said Dr Khalzov.

A special problem has been the decline in people ready to give blood during the summer. 

'To help settle this problem, the service of blood donation holds an action, which give an opportunity to each, even the busiest person, to find some time for a generous act and donate the blood,' said organisers of the nationwide event.

'It is not incidental that the Saturday of Donors action is being held in August,' said Dr Khalzov. 'The summer is the season of holidays for donors. Doctors continue surgeries, deliver babies and treat ill patients. We need blood every day'.

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