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'Siberia?! Hardly a holiday destination!'

Siberians start their annual migration to Thailand's sun and sand

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26 October 2012


Out of the snow! Svetlana from Vladivostok, Far East of Russia, enjoys the beach outside the city of Pattaya. Picture: The Siberian Times 

The Thai authorities say there has been a significant rise in Siberians spending all winter in their country, with the resort of Pattaya especially popular.

The mayor of Pattaya, Ittipol Khunpleum, said: 'We realize that the majority of our Russian guests arrive from Siberia. We welcome them, and want to make sure that anyone and everyone, who wants to get a quality rest is our dear guest here'.

'We might be working on a marketing programme, dedicated specifically to Siberian market'.

Siberian tourists in Thailand

Ekaterina from Krasnoyarsk, Siberia says she comes to Thailand every winter to 'warm up'. Picture: The Siberian Times 

This week Russian S7 airline has announced 30 new flights a month from major Siberian cities to Bangkok and Phuket. 

'October marks the beginning of the high season at resorts of the South East Asia. Thailand remains one of the most popular destinations for beach recreation in winter among the passengers of S7 Airlines from Siberia and the Far East,' said the Novosibirsk-based carrier. 

S7 has added four return flights a week from Novosibirsk to Bangkok, two a week from Irkutsk and fortnightly flights from Krasnoyarsk and Khabarovsk. 

The airline will also fly once every two weeks from Novosibirsk direct to the holiday island of  Phuket. While many tourists venture direct to Thai resorts, S7 is also offering onward travel deals from Bangkok to other destinations across South East Asia.

Siberian tourists in Thailand

'We realize that the majority of our Russian guests arrive from Siberia', Mayor of Pattaya said. Picture: The Siberian Times 

Tourism chief Juthaporn Rerngronasa recently singled out Siberia as a key target for Thai marketing and last year Russian tourist arrivals grew by 62% to top one million, the first European country to do so. 

A further rise of at least 15 per cent rise is forecast this year, taking Russian tourist numbers to 1.27 million. In 2004, fewer than 100,000 Russians travelled to Thailand.

'Sunny beaches and a tropical climate have lured Russians' hearts. 60% of the travellers from Russia and the CIS nations have gone to Pattaya', said a recent report by the Thai News Service.

'The sprawling beaches in the Southern region from Samui, Phang Nga and Krabi to Satun are being promoted as new destinations. Typically, Russian visitors like to drink and have fun, while some prefer to go on shopping sprees.'

Russian tourists also find Thailand popular for beauty treatments and plastic surgery, say Thai officials. 

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I am inviting the Siberians and Russians to try Philippines.
levy, Philippines
20/01/2014 08:50
great to hear from you Peter, a well mannered and surely a stunningly looking man, too. Do share a link with a picture of yourself, would you?

Cheers from Siberia:)
Evgenia , Novosibirsk
16/09/2013 15:00
Mostly fat ugly rude and should stay home
Peter , Vancouver Canada
16/09/2013 00:20
Siberian mail order bride anyone ? (^_^)
Brian, Saint Louis,Missouri USA
06/08/2013 07:21
Siberian women are more then welcome to holiday here in Australia!
Trevanian, Adelaide, Australia
22/11/2012 19:43
they certainly look quite hot!
G, Texas
26/10/2012 04:27

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