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'The Eastern Section of the Great Vasyugan Mire has been nominated for the Unesco World Heritage List'

Welcome to Millionaire's Row in Siberia, a far cry from the out-dated Western image of Eastern Russia as the land of Gulags and hardships.

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08 July 2012


The R250 million house is so far the most expensive offer on the real estate market in Novosibirsk, Western Siberia. Picture: Zhilfond real estate agency

This sumptuous property and expansive grounds, some 10km from the centre of Novosibirsk is currently on the market and can be yours for R250 million, which is around EUR6.5 million or $8.5 million.

This elegant yellow-painted mansion is in Zaeltsovsky Park, in an elite and protected community of privately owned homes at 'Obskie Zori', a name conjuring the image of sunrises over the mighty Ob River, which is nearby. 

It is in substantial landscaped grounds of 1,2 hectares, much of it being delightful English-style lawn with fir and birch trees, as well as bushes, and an artificial lake some 4 metres deep stocked with fish, and complete with a waterfall. 

finest real estate Siberia

finest real estate Siberia
View from the house ont the lakeside pavilion. Pictures: Zhilfond real estate agency

While close to the bustle of Siberia's largest and busiest city, this is a place to relax and unwind in peaceful and secure surroundings, close to nature. The grounds are a paradise for children. 

And for those balmy summer evenings, there is nowhere better than the lakeside pavilion, perhaps with a cocktail, or entertaining friends for a barbecue. 

The house is a substantial 785 square metres, with fittings and tiles of Italian marble used extensively in the property, log-burning fireplaces for those cold winter nights, and a columned verandah and balconies for warmer seasons. 

'The quality of work is of the highest level,' explained Igor Ponkratev, of Zhilfond Real Estate, an agency founded in 1997 and currently the largest in Novosibirsk.

'All this creates a unique atmosphere of cosiness in the house and emphasises the high status of the owners of this property. A billiard room, a hunting room and a wine cellar are located in the basement of the property which is connected to the garage by the underground passageway 60 metres long'.

finest real estate Siberia

finest real estate Siberia
Close ups of steam house (banya) and barbeque. Pictures: Zhilfond real estate agency 

The walled estate includes a garage of 300 square metres with space for all family vehicles, and comes with a living area on the second floor which could be used by staff.

An outstanding and attractive feature of the property is its traditional yet palatial Siberian banya or steam sauna in a separate 176 square metre 'cottage' constructed from local timber, the ultimate place for relaxation. 

finest real estate Siberia

Comments (33)

When was this estate built, and does it have a history? It looks astonishingly well-preserved. It would be easy to believe.that it is only 30-50 years old rather than the 100-200 years of its stylistic appearance
Margaret, Ohio USA
01/04/2023 22:18
... oh, how I love this beautiful Estate ... the wonderful yellow is so uplifting a colour ... with the white trim it reminds me of the Swedish Royal Residence ... I am descended from Swedish Sami on my Fathers Ancestry (paternal) ... such richness of the forest & the clarity of the air ... marvelous!
Penelope, CANADA
07/01/2021 08:01
Where are all the comments from people who live in Siberia?
Jason, Seattle, USA
26/06/2020 12:41
The large cities are modern, and on the outskirts are out summer homes called dachas, yes they have running water, but they are small and cosy. This is not a usual dacha.
NIkita, Novosibirsk, Russia
24/02/2020 12:52
All owned by Putin..give me a break
Putinomics, NYC
03/08/2019 20:05
I want to visit but afraid I won’t be able to come back to U SA
Jj, Ny ny
10/12/2018 19:18
I visited Novosibirsk in late December, 1998 and enjoyed my short stay in your beautiful city, especially New Years Eve and New Years day. Hope I can return again someday in the future.
Stephen Ranger, Wasilla Alaska/USA
01/12/2018 10:48
It is always interesting to me there is no middle line in Russia . Either you have the absolute fabulous properties and everything else or most people living n absolute poverty in old Dacha's without even running water!!!!!
Yan Yanovitch, Auckland New Zealand
11/06/2017 10:20
This house is amazing and I also wish we could see some of the interiors....
Quintessa, Treasure Coast USA
31/01/2017 02:55
I stayed in a beautiful home in Eastern Siberia a few years ago, so I know there is some fine real estate there. It's a very interesting part of the world, with friendly people.
Margaret, Montreal, Canada
07/01/2017 02:30
I agree with douchebag (db) of Denver. Very engaging read. Thanks and keep 'em coming.
Craven Morehead, Newport Beach, California
04/01/2017 03:07
Beautiful house,love all the windows,and the landscape.
Yes, will love to see the interior.
L M, Clovis,CA.USA.
03/02/2016 07:38
Never thought of Siberia as having such a great newspaper. I'm going to keep coming back. Much better than the stuff we're fed in the US. GO BRONCOS! (American football.)
db, Denver, CO USA
30/01/2016 09:31
Foo Marco from Italy! We all know of the Italians racists ways so who cares about anything you have to say on how you feel about our black president! Blacks sure don't and the real so called white American don't. Only the unpatriotic so called whites agree with your garbage talk
Marco 'a ho, Naocon USA
20/11/2015 17:23
The Siberian Times is one of my favorite newspapers, with very Nice pictures

And interresting stories
Liguori leclerc, Trois-riviéres ( quebec) Canada
30/09/2015 01:07

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