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'Gennadii Iudin, the Krasnoyarsk distiller made millions in the liquor trade and built Siberia's greatest private library'

Albino girl known as Snow White becomes as internet sensation in Siberia

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19 April 2017


Albino girl becomes as internet sensation. Picture: Vadim Rufov

Nariyana is the second child of an ordinary and typically black-haired family in the Sakha Republic, or Yakutia, but unlike all her relatives she is strikingly blonde, her skin like porcelain.

She is pictured here with her 14 year old sister Karina. 

She is pictured here with her sister. Pictures: Vadim Rufov, Yelena

Photographer Vadim Rufov said of Nariyana: 'She is the most unusual person I've met. 

'A Sakha girl called Nariyana. She is albino. 

'She is incredibly artistic and she spent two hours posing for me. 

'From the second we met, we started talking like we knew each other. 

Photographer: 'She is incredibly artistic and she spent two hours posing for me'. Pictures: Vadim Rufov, Yelena

'Her eyes don't like bright light, but, despite this, pictures came out brilliantly. I love them.'

Mother Elena said Nariyana is the only albino in her and husband Albert's families. 

'We have already got many offers from modelling and advertising agencies but I don't want her to work yet,' she said. 

'She likes dancing and drawing in her free time. 

Mother Elena said Nariyana is the only albino in her and husband Albert's families. Pictures: Vadim Rufov, Yelena

'When she grows up, she'll choose who she wants to be for herself. 

'When I ask her now, she says she wants to be a model.'

Elena added: 'I have three children. 

'The older one is 14, her name is Karina. Nariyana is 8. 

She says she wants to be a model. Pictures: Vadim Rufov 

'They also have a brother Ayaan, a traditional Yakut name, and he's only 10 month old. 

'I am now on maternity leave. Ayaan is dark - and, well,  you must have seen Karina in Instagram?'

Sakha is the largest region in the Russian Federation, and is famous as being the coldest. 

Now it has its own Snow White. 

Comments (8)

She is absolutely beautiful.
Jackalinn, Home
16/04/2019 06:22
How beautiful she is
Victoria Martinez, Paraguay
05/05/2018 23:25
She is so beautiful. The real snow white in modern world. Her looks had captured my heart, God creations
Zabidah karamin, Malaysia
15/08/2017 16:44
Good decision by parents.
A P Mohanty, India
11/05/2017 00:10
Well, finally some parents that care about their children's well-being. Yes she's too young, I'm glad her parents are protecting her instead of just trying to grab as much cash as possible.
Me, Somewhere, Europe
10/05/2017 19:09
That child looks as if she is lit from within....
River, Paradise, United States
25/04/2017 11:38
I could picture her in Game of Thrones. Perfect eyes for it. Beautiful child. I agree with her mother that she should wait. Glad she has a mother that is looking out for her best interest.
Connie, Pomeroy, United States of America
23/04/2017 21:00
Lynette, New Smyrna beach United States
23/04/2017 10:23

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