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UFOs 'buzz' city of Ulan-Ude with residents seeing 'very big saucer with bright green lights'

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23 October 2015


Earlier in October, residents of Ulan-Ude noticed unusual circles above the city, close to the LVRZ factory. Picture: Vkontakte

The latest unidentified flying objects in the capital of Buryatia have had the social media buzzing in recent days. A woman reported seeing a 'glowing' entity in the sky above Ulan-Ude with 'a lot of green lights, some red and blue'. She watched with her son and male two passers-by as the mysterious object disappeared and then reappeared 'very close', making a noise like the engine of a car, she claimed.

The men at first claimed it might be a toy plane or drone. 'When it stopped right above us, I could not say a word and saw the two men running to hide in a building,' said the woman. 'It was a very large saucer with bright green lights in the middle. My son got scared, grabbed my hand and we ran away. I never believed that something like that could exist.'

Sergey Konechnykh

Sergey Konechnykh

Sergey Konechnykh

The chairman of the Union of Photographers of Buryatia, Sergey Konechnykh shows the pictures he made in July 2009, in Ulan-Ude. Pictures: NTV, Sergey Konechnykh

The account has similarities to a report from Listvyanka on the Lake Baikal shore in July 2010. On this occasion, a picture taken by Nikita Tomin showed three green-shaded lights on a 'UFO' flying above the resort in Irkutsk region. 'It flew right above us, very low. The object was shining down on us with a green light. We were a bit scared,' he said. 

Another Ulan-Ude resident recently reported regularly seeing a bright glowing object from a balcony in the middle of the night, while someone else reported seeing red lights in the sky which appear then disappear.

Meanwhile in Khorinsk village, some 165 kilometres east of the city, a 35 year old man reported this week: 'I saw this with my own eyes. At about 7pm I went outside for a smoke, and noticed a glowing ball in the sky, very bright. It wasn't moving too fast. At first I thought it was another satellite, but when my eyes gradually got used to the dark, I estimated the distance between the ground and the ball, it was about 200-300 metres. 

Nikita Tomin

Nikita Tomin

Picture taken by Nikita Tomin showed three green-shaded lights on a 'UFO' flying above the resort in Irkutsk region. Picture: Baikal Press, NTV

'It definitely wasn't a satellite. It was moving differently. The lights were gradually getting less bright and it was glowing red. I didn't hear a sound, it's very quiet where I live. There are no cars. I was standing silently and couldn't understand what was it. I observed it for 20-30 seconds. So scary. What could it be?'

Earlier in October, residents of Ulan-Ude noticed unusual circles above the city, close to the LVRZ factory, a repeat of a daytime appearance of these rings in December 2014.

UFO on Baikal

UFO on Baikal

Marina Zimireva

Marina Zimireva

NTV channel mock-up of 'flying saucer' based on accounts by residents of Kudara-Somon village in 1990. Marina Zimireva shows where the 'flying saucer' landed. Pictures: NTV

This year's list of strange sightings also includes vast Lake Baikal - a magnet for alleged UFOs since Soviet times - where locals saw  bright glowing above the lake.

'Dozens of people saw a disk-like object which was as bright as 'three suns', it was reported. 'When it suddenly disappeared, people observing it couldn't explain if it flew away or disappeared in the water. The next morning there were tons of dead fish on the shore and birds and other animals refused to eat it.'

Dead fish on Baikal

'The next morning there were tons of dead fish on the shore and birds and other animals refused to eat it.' Picture: Vkontakte

Around Posolsk, the water had an unnatural yellow-greenish tint. Another explanation of this was extreme heat in the summer and low water levels. As usual, surprisingly few pictures have emerged of the latest UFO sightings.

Versions of extra-terrestrial activity at Baikal - edged by mountains and containing one-fifth of the world's unfrozen freshwater - have appeared over many years to intrigue UFOlogists and include supposed aliens seen by military divers in its depth, and large 'spaceships' hovering over its grey, moody expanses. 

Some of the images here show what two photographers claimed were UFOs buzzing the lake, while others are mock-ups from NTV based on descriptions of an incident at Kudara-Somon, in Buryatia, a quarter of a century ago. 

Comments (9)

it sounds very strange , UFO s are visiting our planet many times this year.
Morris Bay, New York / USA
30/10/2015 06:44
I have often admired the remote areas of the wilderness in Russia, its a pristine beauty unmatched anywhere in the world. The recent findings of artifacts of the ancient past have been fascinating.

Years ago, I was a witness to a strange vehicle that appeared very similar to the one that was described in the article. In broad daylight, in a remote area of the desert of the southwestern united states. I was with a military policeman that we were investigating a vehicle that had driven off a roadway and had crashed. Just as we came upon the driver of the vehicle, there was a crackling sound in some bushes about ten meters away, and hovering above the bush was a metallic disc shaped object. It was a distinct surprise, both of us looked at the vehicle, and I said, "Let's hope they're friendly", next thing I know, I'm getting dragged by the military policeman who has a look of sheer panic on his face and he has grabbed onto my arm pulling me back towards the roadway in a frenzied panic. I didn't realize until a moment later that I had a camera in my pocket. The unknown "vehicle" was there one moment, then was gone.
Sometimes very unusual things can happen to people when they least expect them to happen.
bernard townsend, saint louis missouri, united states
30/10/2015 03:18
James, Covington, Ohio, USA
28/10/2015 06:51
And pigs will fly; they're probably the things you saw in the sky, or maybe Putin has got his present day Rasputin's to dreams up some mystic/physic phenomenon.
Jaker, Dundalk
27/10/2015 22:21
To say it's fake is the easiest job to do, you see sometimes we don't want to trouble our brain. However, we need to accept everything that we cannot think of. One, two, ten people can lie , not millions. There is a hundred percent possibility of life other than earth. The most convincing sight that I would believe is what Neil Armstrong saw at moon and described. No doubts on his account and may be 8 out of ten are lie or misunderstood but remaining two also exist. Be ready for the other.
Nishu, India
27/10/2015 07:58
To find out exactly what it was, just ask the US military. There you will be told it is Venus. The American Venus is wonderful, it flies too and fro in our skies, changes many colours and just creates havoc sometime.
Archie1954, Vancouver, Canada
25/10/2015 08:44
Yes, perhaps Baikal has an outlet from the recently discovered massive underground sea.
Wayne, los angeles, USA
25/10/2015 06:54
The article states clearly (in the last paragraph and in the caption to the daylight images) that these images are "mockups", i.e., illustrations. They are not fakes, because there is no attempt at fakery. The truth is stated twice in the article. Read it.
F. Stevens, Crestone, CO, USA
25/10/2015 02:19
The two pictures showing a large disk shaped object with lights around the edge are virtually identical, except for a change of background and a change of intensity of the lights. So I would conclude that at least one (and probably both) of these images were faked.
Judson Pewther, New York City, USA
24/10/2015 15:39

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