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'Siberia?! Hardly a holiday destination!'

Some 200 Yeti are roaming southern Siberia, claims controversial academic

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01 November 2012


'Tests on ten pieces of hair... showed that they did not belong to a human,  yet it is obvious that they belonged to a mammal, but not to a bear, goat, wolf or other animal living in the Gornaya Shoriya area',  Mr Sapunov was quoted as saying. 

Now he has gone further by claiming a population of 200 Bigfoot exist in the Kemerovo, Khakassia and Altai regions of Siberia. 

Yet leading Russian scientists have countered by accusing Sapunov, a doctor of Biological Sciences and Chief Fellow of Russian State HydroMeteorological University, of an Abominable Lie rather than finding the Abominable Snowman. 

The bitter debate relates to hair - or fur - found in a remote cave in Kazbass last year during a visit by an international group of Yeti hunters. 



2011 expedition to Azasskaya Cave in Siberia when the pieces of hair (pictured above) were found. Pictures: The Siberian Times 

'Tests on ten pieces of hair found during the expedition to Azasskaya Cave, carried our by our University and Russian Academy of Science Zoological Institute, showed that they did not belong to a human. Yet it is obvious that they belonged to a mammal, but not to a bear, goat, wolf or other animal living in the Gornaya Shoriya area,' he was quoted as saying. 

'Genetically it is different to a human by less than one percent. We can claim with 70% certainty that from the genealogical point of view the creature is in between the human and a  primate and is completely covered with hair.'

He further claimed that the creatures live all around Russia and that around 200 - the number allowing them to successfully breed - live unnoticed in these remote parts of southern Siberia. 

He claims there have been no confirmed sightings of the Yeti because they have an acute sense of danger.

Other experts are deeply unimpressed by Sapunov's claims, especially reports that there was DNA backing for his theory.

Let me see what's there - member of the expedition picks up what later was claimed to be 'Yeti's hair'.  Picture: Vesti TV

Oleg Pugachev, Director of the Zoological Institute of Russian Academy of Science, told Rossiyskaya Gazeta: 'Let me make it clear - Sapunov is blatantly lying. 

'He came with some bits of hair to the Institute, and spent a lot of time in my office complaining that official science want nothing to do with it and no-one wants to test them. 

'He asked me to help. I took a pity on his and ordered our DNA specialists to carry out a test. 

'They did not manage to extract any genealogical material because there were no hair bulbs. 

'The structure of the hair showed that they could have belonged to a goat, and a bear, and to other animals. 

'That's the end of it. 

'What snowman is he talking about? If he ever appear close to our Institute I will not let him anywhere near the doorstep. I don't know how to stop the rubbish he is spreading in the media.'

Svetlana Borinskaya, a doctor of Biological Sciences at the Institute of General Genetics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, said:  'Normally scientists go for publications in scientific magazines so that the colleagues can verify their sensational claims. 

'Quite often after the publication and following heated discussion the 'sensation' disappears. Of course, there are some true stars, world-famous scientists, that allow themselves to go to media first. 

'But even with them the scientific community do not rely on such publications and waits impatiently for the scientific magazine article.'

In a crushing put down, she stated: 'I know Sapunov personally. He never worked with DNA - or if he did, I've never heard of such works. 

'But I do know that he is obsessed with the Yeti since his early years.'

Meanwhile, a US biologist at Idaho University told the Moscow Times that 'the 'evidence' found in the cave was unreliable'.

'There was no other sign of occupation in the cave, except a few empty soda cans and snack food wrappers,' he said. 


Comments (8)

Siberia is so mysterious that you might be right, Felix. Just imagine Yeti and Martians having a tea party:)
Kate, Russia
01/11/2012 17:32
Do Martians live there too?
Felix, California
01/11/2012 09:34
Hi, if you are interested in Russian research and the conference, organized by Dr. Burtsev and his friends, please read Dr. Meldrum's view on it. He took part in this event:

American Bigfoot scientists and researchers felt hoodwinked by Russian Yeti event.
Mikola Sev., Kiev, Ukraine
22/02/2018 02:28
There is yet another specialist for the Russian Yeti - Grigroy Panchenko, who was here in the UK some years ago, organizing an expedition to Russia in 2013. My amigo from Roma gave me his email panchenko2002(a) . He should be able too to answer questions in connection with abominable snowman in Russia.

Valentino R., Leicester
Valentino R., Leicester- Firence, UK - Italy
20/06/2015 14:15
The way I see it, there are an awful lot of people who say that they see these things and I have a hard time believing that all of them are lying!! So although I am skeptic I will keep my mind open on the subject!!
Dennis, Boca Raton, Florida
23/07/2014 11:33
I wouldn't be too quick to dismiss that evidence out of hand.

Search the internet for the Dyatlov Pass Mystery and read about the deaths of 13 Soviet scientists in Siberia during the late 1950s before discarding Valentin Soputov's evidence.
Terrence Odgers, Woodville,New South Wales, Australia
12/12/2012 06:44
No-no-no, Martians live(d) in US, and actually originated from Hungary...
02/11/2012 22:52
Half the Universe could live in Siberia and we'd never know about it. Between the Urals and the Pacific there is space for 2 entire USAs! Its only 1 million sq kms smaller than Antarctica.

One comment on the article; we normally say 'a strand' of human hair don't we? Otherwise it sounds like its been cut into pieces... Maybe it has...

Did anyone ever see the movie 'Abominable Snowman'? 50's film. Set in the Himalaya. Great fun! Maybe the Russians will do a remake - in Siberia...
Philip, /UK
02/11/2012 18:57

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