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8 dead, 5 in grave condition, 25 more hospitalised after drinking fake Jack Daniels

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24 November 2015


The poisoned whiskey was bought for the low price from an internet seller. Picture: Krasnews.com

Victims in the city bought fake and lethal Jack Daniels whiskey from an internet seller who claimed the impossibly low price - 250 to 300 roubles a bottle, $3.75 to $4.50 - was because the liquor had been seized by customs who sanctioned the sell-off.

The claim was false and the so-called whiskey - containing methanol - had now caused eight deaths, with five more victims in a 'grave' condition in hospital. A female victim is reported to have lost her sight. 


So-called whiskey had now caused eight deaths, with five more victims in a 'grave' condition in hospital. Picture: TVK6

Hospitals began registering victims of poisoning on 21 November, and fear more poisoned victims in the coming days. Doctors say many of the victims are middle class rather than homeless or poverty-stricken, who are often the victims of severe alcohol poisoning. 

Konstantin Alontsev said of his colleague Artem: 'He bought Jack Daniels to share with his friends when they were in sauna.' They 'drank it in the evening and later all of them were hospitalised.' His friends survived but Artem 'fell into a coma and died three days later.'

Counterfeit alcohol

Counterfeit alcohol

Two men aged 25 and 29 years old were detained for the sale of 12 bottles of counterfeit alcohol, which was stored in the car workshop. Pictures: NTV, TVK6

Another victim, Sergey Skorinov, 40, also died after ordering the counterfeit whiskey from an online shop. His drinking partners are in hospital. 

Two men aged 25 and 29 years old were detained for the sale of 12 bottles of counterfeit alcohol. Currently, police are searching for the manufacturers, suppliers and buyers of alcohol.

Comments (2)

easy check if your hooch is fake. needs just a spoon and a lighter or match.
real alcohol with burn with a white-yellow flame and will burn =quietly=
methanol with burn yellow green with an = agressive,spluttering= flame.
but it must contain at least 5% methanol.
suppose greed, stupidness and just the need or want to drink will always lead to these unfortunate happenings.
Benedikt, Moscow,Russia
26/11/2015 10:57
That is very sad that people are dying and suffering permanent damage from this fake alcohol. Whoever came up with this scam is very sick in the head- to just murder innocent people. What jerks. They should be made to drink some of it themselves as punishment.
rose beninger, USA
25/11/2015 10:31

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