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17 Americans detained in Siberia for breaking visa rules

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05 April 2014


The 17 foreigners were escorted to the migration service office where they were subjected to an administrative penalty. Picture: Lands of Planet 

The US citizens were detained and escorted to the Migration Service in the Altai region of southern Siberia. Reports say they were fined 2000 roubles each - $57 - for having the wrong kind of visa. 

'The missionaries, who were performing at the House of Culture in the town of Rubtsovsk...entered Russia with tourist visas. 

'However, instead of exploring the country and the beautiful places in the Rubtsovsk district, they organised classes with locals to tell them about their religious convictions,' said Federal Migration Service Directorate for the region.  'The 17 foreigners were escorted to the migration service office where they were subjected to an administrative penalty in the form of a fine.'

Spokeswoman Maria Yuzhakov said the Mormons had been badly advised, and that their preaching had been popular in Altai region.

'The event was very popular among the citizens,' she said. 'The foreigners are very law-abiding citizens, in fact they did not commit anything criminal. 

'This was not the first time they came to Altai region. They had been in Rubtsovsk, Barnaul and other cities. During the meetings, they usually very unobtrusively, in the form of small talk, told their world view, promoted healthy lifestyles, and family values.

'The violation, which the migration service revealed at this time, was a mistake of person accompanying them. 

'He just asked them to get the wrong type of visa. The guests have suffered because of his illiteracy'.

Comments (5)

We get these types in Australia also, they can and are a pain in the neck. One is entitled to their own religious beliefs I agree but the days of doing it missionary style are finished thankfully
Mick Rogers, Nambour QLD Australia
08/05/2014 15:28
These ONE BOOK idiots can't be told,Send them back to America where they are rightly and completely ignored by most.
Patrick Travers, Perth Australia
21/04/2014 09:01
Just deport them back to the US. They even go door to door here in the US and will bug you to no end unless you tell them to go away and never come back.
KW, Gilbert, AZ
20/04/2014 07:21
Bydy ne mnogosloven.
Iz vsego chto zdes napisanno pravda tolko to , chto oni zaplatili 57 dollarov.
Samoe smeshnoe v etom rasskaze, chto lydi ne znayut raznizi megdy Mormons i Christians.
Boris, New York
14/04/2014 08:53
Americans are living/following false maxims of their deplorable contemporary philosophy, people who sell themselves to their surroundings as good Christians, giving false image of Christianity, when you are just the opposite, you will be uncovered and your sin as well, mind you very few people bother to live a holy life this days, Orthodox Christianity is the only true religion.
Vilen, London
09/04/2014 23:38

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