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A brown bear finds and rips hunters' car

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24 October 2018


A brown bear savaged hunters' car in Krasnoyarsk krai taiga. Picture: The Siberian Times 

The hunters were going for a wild boar in woods of Berezovskiy district next to Bazaikha river some 60km south of the region’s capital city Krasnoyarsk. 

The men had two cars which they left in different areas of the taiga - an off-road NIVA and another all-terrain vehicle. 

Five hours later they took a pause and went back to the NIVA car - or rather, to what was left from the car and an angry bear savaged it. 

A video which is rapidly going viral on Russian web shows stunned hunters lost for words as they inspect the car with ripped seats, broken windows, scratched roof, torn away parts of bumper and hood.

A brown bear finds and rips hunters car

A brown bear finds and rips hunters car

A brown bear finds and rips hunters car

A brown bear finds and rips hunters car
The hunters were not hurt. Pictures: The Siberian Times 

‘Now this is what we came back to….!’ - one hunter tells another. ‘Just look what the ***** beast did! Argh!’ 

The chat between them is almost untranslatable due to amount of swear words. 

Forest guards service of Krasnoyarsk who inspected the car confirmed this must have been a brown bear weighing at least 170 kg. 

After the video was posted online, very few commentators found words of solace for the hunters. 

‘What else did you expect?! Be grateful you are alive, next time the bear will find you, not the car!’, said one comment. 

Another person called Denis Zabrodin added: ‘Lucky. You came to kill, and the bear only scratched your car.’  

‘Well done bear, good job! You didn’t call the hunters, did you? They came to your territory, and got what they deserved’, said another user. 

It is not clear if the second car was also damaged by the bear.

By the end of the video the hunters conclude that the NIVA car is not repairable.

Comments (4)

That'll teach 'em not to park in someone elses spot.
john, uk
29/10/2018 21:57
good! and three cheers for -Mishinka-!Indeed the hunters should be glad it was only their car and not one of them. Unfortunately, though I doubt it the bear could have had a meal consisting of hunters flesh. these trigger-happy clowns would have shot him as soon as they would have seen him. Then they would return, boost how good and great they were. In what danger they had been. And more of all that crap.
Benedikt MORAK, Moscow
25/10/2018 21:13
Perhaps they got the hint - the animals leave you alone, you leave them alone. I suspect the bear was letting them know how the animals feel about humans with guns tormenting and killing them. Next time you want to hunt - take a camera!!
Pamela, Cuenca, Ecuador
25/10/2018 14:29
Be glad it's just the NIVA, and not the bush or float plane!

Got to be a big problem in Alaska ... where locals became enamored of feeding the big bruins (and wolves). They got a nose for people-sourced foods ... remote-country airplanes are just tube-frames, covered with fabric. Big bear destroys one, just clamoring on it.

Normally, wild animals steer clear of human-scented vehicles, etc. But once habituated to obtaining food from people ... after the NIVA comes residences.

Don't feed 'em. Plus, in AK, it got so you couldn't leave gear in the bush, without erecting an electric bear fence around it ... which they make & market now even for back-packers. But the best plan is, keep them wild, not corrupted, rooting in people-places for morsels.
Ted Clayton, Forks, USA
25/10/2018 01:13

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