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A man demanded a lethal injection of drugs as the price for releasing the hostages

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19 January 2013


FSB and police thwart armed man who storms hospital in Irkutsk region. Picture: Alzamai city website

In a joint operation, the FSB Federal Security Service and police secured the release of all hostages uninjured and arrested the attacker. As the operation unfolded at Hospital Number 2, the premises were cordoned off and patients along with staff evacuated. 

Police said later the hostage taker was a Bratsk resident who was not named. 

He had been convicted on a number of occasions in the past, and was believed to be a long term drug addict. 

The man is expected to face charges for hostage-taking, illegal production of a weapon, and robbery.


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Is nowhere safe from this madness? Always believed Russians more normal than us about guns.
Renton, NYC
19/01/2013 23:42

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