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Admiring black, bright amber and burgundy colours of an exotic-looking fox

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12 February 2018


Seeing this kind of fox is an incredibly rare. Picture: Anna Eliseeva

A female fox with a dark-coloured belly, back and tail has been noticed at the Kronotsky Nature Reserve in Kamchatka. 

Rangers Ilya Kudryashov and Anna Yeliseeva who patrol Kronotsko-Bogachevskaya tundra met the unusual looking animal two kilometers away from their base. 

Seeing this kind of fox is an incredibly rare. 

Exotic-colored fox

Exotic-colored fox

Exotic-colored fox

A female fox with a dark-coloured belly, back and tail has been noticed at the Kronotsky Nature Reserve in Kamchatka. Pictures: Anna Eliseeva

Zoologist Alexander Nikanorov who has been working with Kamchatka foxes for several decades have only seen such foxes twice before.

'Kamchatka peninsula doesn’t really have foxes with colour mutations. Typical for us is the Anadyr, or Red fox, which comes in a vivid ginger colour. Locals call it Fire fox because of the bright-colored fur. We haven't seen the Silver fox for several decades, or the Cross type fox, which is the result of Red and Silver foxes mating’, explained Nikanorov.   

Exotic-colored fox

Exotic-colored fox

Locals call it Fire fox because of the bright-colored fur. Picture: Sergey Gorshkov

'This particular fox with the black belly is the next step, a transitional colour mutation phase from the Cross type fox to Silver fox.’

Kamchatka scientists and hunters have also mentioned seeing a Flower fox around the peninsula - a Red fox with down hair of very unusual rich shade of crimson. 

Alexander Nikanorov said that the Flower fox hasn’t been seen in Kamchatka for a long while. 

photo trap

photo trap

First pictures showed that the female started seeing a male Red fox. Pictures: Kronotsky Nature Reserve

An automatic camera trap has been set up to help scientists watch the rare black belly fox. 

First pictures showed that the female started seeing a male Red fox. 

Should the two create a family, the Kronotsky Nature reserve will see some uniquely coloured cubs in May.

Comments (4)

Great inspiring photos! Love seeing this beautiful fox
Cecelia Gettemy, USA
10/03/2018 00:09
What a special, inspiring sighting for those caring for the park and its animals, as well as for all of us who care about conservation of native species. Thank you for all you do.
21/02/2018 14:10
Thank you for sharing these wonderful sightings and Thank you Benedikt for consistently emphasizing the critical importance of protecting the location of all of the special inhabitants we are so fortunate to be able to witness. Thank you as always as well to everyone who shares a very genuine love for nature.
Pamela K Tetarenko, League City, USA
13/02/2018 04:32
do not give away the name or palce where the animal was seen! there are plenty crazies around there running free. who will hunt it down, kill it and sell it for, most probably a pittance. and at the open market the markup will be astronomic for an unscrupulous buyer.
Benedikt MORAK, Moscow
12/02/2018 20:46

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