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'What happens in Sibera stays in Siberia...unless it is covered by The Siberian Times'

Angry passengers storm out of a Siberian airport after hours of waiting for quarantine papers

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20 March 2020


A video filmed by a witness shows several women breaking down in tears, as others start yelling at policemen and officials as they push their way out of the waiting area before breaking out

 Russian tourists got upset and angry as they were forced to wait for several hours to sign self-quarantine declarations, crammed into a large crowd inside Krasnoyarsk airport. 

The flights from U-Tapao Pattaya airport landed within minutes of each other, carrying a total of 652 passengers.

All tourists were warned about the need to fill quarantine papers.

‘No-one will be able to leave the airport, there is police on duty’, said one of the local officials who came to greet the planes.

Troubles started when all passengers received their bags and queued up for the quarantine papers as there were only three officials from RosPotrebNadzor - Russia’s Consumer Rights watchdog - able to serve them. The papers for every traveller had to be done manually, and after several hours of waiting the crowd with tired children, pregnant women and several disabled passengers among them got irritated and upset. 

‘More than 600 people came here. The officials said they won’t let us out until we fill the papers, the situation grew really tense. The whole idiocy of it was that the biggest chance to get the virus was in a crowd, and this is precisely what they created. Why couldn’t they provide the blanks on board of the planes? Of course the crowd got infuriated’, one of the passengers said. 

A video filmed by a witness shows several women breaking down in tears, as others start yelling at policemen and officials as they push their way out of the waiting area before breaking out. 

Regional RosPotrebNadzor admitted they were not ready for the situation, and promised to adjust it for the future.

Comments (6)

People need to develop a bit more patience when things go awry. Cursing does not really help
Patricia A. Gothard , USA
31/03/2020 07:31
Russia biggest country in the world When their western neighbors are in trouble It's Not Russia to first provide help you instead China!You Russians make so many weapons but can't many masks to export? I'm afraid Russia doesn't have enough quality to lead Europe!
Wesley, Hong Kong
23/03/2020 19:20
Officials were wrong as Benedikt says & everyone needs to up their game if they want to stop this virus spreading. And as you can see from that crowd they were all likely victims of catching it if one of the sadly has it. For this virus FOR SURE (literally) takes prisoners. Stay safe all.

PS. All those people as well as the security people should self isolate for 14 days.
Jaker, Dundalk
22/03/2020 11:05
Alan Charles did you read the whole article? or do you know the circumstances? the people returned as normal tourists from their holiday destinations. at THAT time there was no warnings, no signals, no quarantaine, nothing in Thailand. even before leaving FROM Russia, the situation in Thailand ( or in Russia) was none of any concern or worry. It changed then more or less in one or two days. I experienced this here in Moscow... The situation in Siberia had nothing to do with -idiot tourists- but a definite collaps of Rospotrebnadsor. They also must have known that 700 people will be landing and should have had far more personnel on duty and if there are not more then three, maybe the director, managers and whoever should have gotten out of their air conditioned offices and do some work for a chance. the tourists were the last to blame...and by the way, what about YOUR - spring brake - party goers? did they know? were they warned? yes. and they preferred to ignore it and go to the beach in droves and party, who is to be called -idiots-?
Benedikt MORAK, Moscow
22/03/2020 07:26
Idiots wanting to be tourists at this time. Unbelievable.
Alan Charles, United States
20/03/2020 22:16
-adjust for the future -when there are no more planes landing and no more passengers at the airport they will be ready. VV should fire the whole lot!
Benedikt MORAK, Moscow
20/03/2020 21:41

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